Saturday, August 26, 2006

Victoria Beckham News

Since I'm on a jaunt down memory lane (with All Saints news and all), let's see what some of the members of our other favorite girl group are up to these days. Starting with Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham.

Victoria Beckham is to star in her own fashion reality TV show in America. It is rumored to be a cross between hit shows Project Runway and America's Next Top Model. The show will most likely also promote Victoria's personal fashion line VB Fashions for fashion label Rock And Republic. The former Spice Girl decided to turn to the world of fashion after a few failed attempts to hit it big as a solo artist. Beckham's manager Simon Fuller, who had a big part in creating the initial success of the very popular 90's girl group, has been in talks with two major US networks to get the show on the air.

Ms. Beckham, ever the fashionista, has also got a new book coming out entitled "That Extra Half An Inch" which will be released October 30th. Posh has described her book as "the definitive girls guide to looking and feeling the best that you can". The glossy coffee table book reveals what clothes she absolutely adores, and of course, what she would not be caught dead in. Sounds like a bitch fest/best seller.

As if that weren't enough, Victoria's limited edition personal line of sunglasses, which were on sale at posh London department store Harrods, flew off the shelves when unveiled in July. The specs, which cost up to $500 Canadian, sold out in minutes, there is now a waiting list for the new batch which should be available in September. Victoria stated "I've worked hard to create a range that is reminiscent of my favorite female style icons from the 50's, 60's and 70's whilst combining a modern and sleek attitude."

Finally, after what seems to be a successful foray into the men's cologne business for husband David (sex on legs) Beckham, the couple has worked on a joint venture of "his" and "hers" fragrances to be titled "Intimately Beckham". Now people can look, dress, and smell like the lady herself. All you have to do is throw up until you weigh 85 lbs. and the transformation will be complete.

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