Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sheryl Crow/John Mayer Tour

I just read (God I'm fucking slow, this was announced ages ago) Sheryl Crow and John Mayer have joined forces to present (what I'm sure is going to be) one of the hottest concert tours of the fall. Having started in Pittsburgh on August 24th, the tour is set to run until October 12th in Tampa, Florida. There is only one Canadian date, for Vancouver, BC on September 22nd. I'm kinda bummed there is no Toronto gig in place, but I guess he was just here at the Mod Club and she was here at Casino Rama so...their sick and tired of Ontario. It's a shame though, John is one of the best live musicians I've ever seen, and Sheryl may look cute and sweet but she puts on one hell of a smokin' show. I'm very impressed by her stage presence. To see them perform a duet would be sweet. After the last show on the 12th, John will resume touring on his own, in support of his new album, and hopefully Sheryl will hit the recording studio.

Speaking of John though, word is he had to cancel the August 26th show of the tour due to laryngitis, Sheryl simply played a longer set as not to upset the crowd. Atta Girl!
Plus, John will also be appearing on the season premiere of (My most HATED show) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He will perform his latest single and new song "Dancing In A Burning Room" in a scene set in a Las Vegas nightclub. Couldn't you pick a good show to sing on? Jesus, why did they have to cancel Ally McBeal? They had Tina Turner on, I'm sure they could have made room for Mr. Mayer. Bollocks! Hopefully he'll only be on the screen for half a second (like Tori Amos in Mona Lisa Smile).

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