Saturday, August 26, 2006

Miss Jackson Update

Everyone is talking about Janet these days. You either love or hate the songs that have been so far released onto the internet from her upcoming "20 Y.O" CD, you commend and admire her for losing all that weight so quickly, and we are all hoping this new project revitalizes her career after the less than stellar sales of Damita Jo.

Here is some info that has got me "So Excited". (Yah, couldn't resist the pun. What a loser I am)

Number 1) Janet is set to be on Oprah upon the release of the album. The episode will be taped on September 1st and the air date is tentatively scheduled for the day of the albums release (September 26th).

Number 2) Two versions of the album are said to be available. The deluxe edition includes special packaging and is said to contain a bonus DVD of Janet rehearsing and recording the album, behind the scenes of photo shoots, as well as picking the winner of the "Design Me" contest

Number 3) I have a list of some of the confirmed tracks for the album (in no particular order)

1) Call On Me feat. Nelly
2) This Body Of Mine
3) Stuck Inside The Groove (rumored to contain a John Mayer sample)
4) So Excited
5) With U
6) Enjoy
7) Clap Your Hands
8) Love 2 Love
9) Daybreak
10) Take Care
11) Do It To Me
12) Get It Out Me
13) Show Me

And finally Jermaine Dupri has confirmed that a duet with Janet and Mariah Carey will happen for the album. The duet however will be featured on the repackaged version of 20 Y.O.

Lets hope So Excited will do better than Call On Me. The song is a hell of a lot better. She just needs a kick ass video to go with it. The video for Call On Me was awful, she looked like a demented extra from the movie "The Cell". I was waiting for Vincent D' Onofrio to come barging in and claim his Queen.

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