Sunday, August 20, 2006

Donna De Lory: The Lover & The Beloved

Alrighty! Here was the scene. My friend Dilma and I were going to see the film X-Men 3: The Last Stand one night, however we had noticed after going out to dinner (quite a few hours before the movie was expected to begin) that we still had two hours to pass before we actually had to be at the theatre. So, naturally, we decided to go shopping (like ya do). Now while on our little excursion we stopped into a Chapters and what should catch my eye? An album by Donna De Lory. If you are a Madonna fan, you will no doubt recognize her as Madonna's long-time backup singer and dancer. I was aware of the fact that she was a recording artist in her own right (I even have her self-titled pop album from 1992, which I found while working at a CD store which happened to sell used CD's), what I did not anticipate was to find an entire rack in Chapters filled with her CD The Lover and The Beloved. Shocked and ecstatically happy I purchased said CD, went to the movie, and listened to it blissfully on the way home. It is a gorgeous combination of Sanskrit and English chants, soothing instrumentation, and Donna's silky sweet voice permeating throughout. Perfect listening material if you practice yoga, or simply want to relax. As an added bonus, Niki Harris, fellow backup singer and partner in crime on Madonna's tours from the Who's That Girl tour to The Drowned World tour, lends her vocal support to the track "Govinda Jaya Jaya". ***** out of *****. If you are a stress freak, buy this album, burn some incense, and find your bliss.

Strike A Pose : Donna, Madonna, and Niki

PS. You can also buy Donna's new album "Sky Is Open" at

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