Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Twin Ignorance

Joy and anticipation ran amuck in my veins yesterday morning. As I woke up at 7 am in order to catch the performance by Deborah Gibson and Jordan Knight on Good Morning America, I had to sit through a slew of news stories to ultimately reach my final destination. One of which soured my mood greatly. Featured within the barrage of information that was for the most part light-hearted ("Which University campuses have the best dorms", and "How many calories are there in a typical smoothie?" things like that), there was a story about these two little teenage twin girls named Lamb and Lynx Gaede. Pretty, blonde, blue eyed, white nationalists who send the message of racism and white supremacy through cute little bubble-gum pop songs to the youth of America. As you can imagine, I was positively gob-smacked to see the youth of America in such a horrendous light. The twins, who already have two albums out under the name "Prussian Blue" (what fucking record label is allowing this bullshit?) have been performing songs about white nationalism before all-white crowds since the age of 9. When asked in the interview their views on Adolph Hitler, the girls responded "I think he had a lot of good ideas, he wanted to preserve his race". When the interviewer responded "He had six million Jews executed!" the girls naively responded "I think that's an exaggeration, I hardly believe there were even that many Jews alive back then." Yes, I was as shocked and appalled as you probably are right now. I find it extremely aggravating when people try to deny the fact that the Holocaust happened. Where the hell did those concentration camps come from then you stupid fuckers? They don't just pop up like Wal-Marts. Now you're all wondering where the hell are they learning all this bullocks? Their white nationalist (stay at home and teach her kids fun little party games like "Dance around the Swastika", which I didn't make up, they actually play this game) mother, April can be blamed for that. Being as smart as to home school her girls so their brainwashing doesn't short circuit, she defends her choices by saying "I'm going to give them my opinion, just like any parent would."

What I hope is that these girls will break free of their mother, go to proper school, learn what their doing is completely ignorant and irresponsible, and make up for it in an amazing way. For now though, if you see!!!!

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