Monday, December 15, 2008

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer


Here is the brand spankin' new, full length trailer for the first chapter of the X-Men Origins movies starring my husband Hugh Jackman (what?). I'm assuming this is a franchise which will see some of our other favorite characters getting their own shot at the spotlight. As seen in the trailer, many other characters from the Marvel Universe make appearances in the film, including Gambit, Sabretooth, Silver Fox, The Blob, what looks to be a young Storm, and a girl who might possibly be Dazzler.

The film will be released next May.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blossom: Six and Sharon Motormouths

It's no secret how much I love the sitcom Blossom (I'm surprised it's not in re-runs it's such a great show) and I have been lucky enough (thanks to my brother) to have gotten the whole series on DVD.

This is without a doubt my favorite moment of Jenna Von Oy's character Six. It's from the episode "I Killed Chico Baranca" where Six has been stealing home appliances to sell at garage sales to earn extra money for clothes and she and Blossom are arrested for it. In this scene, Blossom's father has paid their bail and they are waiting for Six's mother Sharon to come and pick her up from their house. The results are hilarious. Take A Look.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jennifer Hudson: Spotlight

I'm adding Jennifer Hudson's new video "Spotlight" to my blog because I really enjoy her as a singer and an actress and I was incredibly shocked to hear about the tragedies that have surrounded her family lately. Her Mother, Brother and young Nephew were all murdered within a week. I can't even imagine what her family is going through.
On a lighter note (please God, let there be one), her new movie which she co-stars in "The Secret Life Of Bees" with Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah, and Alicia Keys, is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. There was not a dry eye in the theatre when I went to see it. Plus, she has recently released her first full length album.

The tracklisting for the album is,

1) Spotlight
2) If This Isn't Love
3) Pocketbook feat. Ludacris
4) Giving Myself
5) What's Wrong (Go Away) feat. T-Pain
6) My Heart
7) You Pulled Me Through
8) I'm His Only Woman feat. Fantasia
9) Can't Stop The Rain
10) We Gon' Fight
11) Invisible
12) And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going) from Dreamgirls
13) Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There
14) All Dressed In Love (from the Sex And The City soundtrack)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Courtney Love: Barbara Walters Interview (1995)

A revealing interview with Courtney Love about the death of Kirt Cobain, her band Hole, being a mother, and her film career which at the time was just getting started. I love how honest she is in this interview, I think Courtney is very messed up but she makes great music and I think if she keeps herself sober for greater amounts of time, she could be a great actress.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Sarah Jessica Parker: Jonathan Ross Interview (2008)

It's Sarah Jessica Parker! Need I say more?

Part 1:

Part 2:

Neve Campbell: On David Letterman (2004)

Another great Canadian. Neve Campbell is one of those actresses whom I used to find extremely annoying but as time has passed and she has grown up and done more intriguing film roles I have really come to enjoy her work. Her film "When Will I Be Loved" happens to be one of those films that completely changed her image in my mind. During the press for that movie she stopped by David Letterman for the interview above.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Ellen Page: On David Letterman (2008)

The beautiful Ellen Page's first appearance on David Letterman during her promo for the film "Juno". I just love "the transparent slut" moment. Good stuff.

Jennifer Garner: On The Ellen Degeneres Show (2004)

A very cute interview with the adorable Jennifer Garner during her press tour for the movie "13 Going On 30", as well as my much missed tv show Alias which at the time was in it's third season.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The Reader: Movie Trailer

When he falls ill on his way home from school, 15 year-old Michael Berg is rescued by Hanna, a woman twice his age. The two begin an unexpected and passionate affair only for Hanna to suddenly and inexplicably disappear. Eight years later, Michael, now a young law student observing Nazi war trials, meets his former lover again, under very different circumstances. Hanna is on trial for a hideous crime, and as she refuses to defend herself, Michael gradually realizes his boyhood love may be guarding a secret she considers to be more shameful than murder.

Starring Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes and Lena Olin.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Janeane Garofalo: Live 1997

Truly smart comedy, Janeane's take on religion, politics, New York crime, dog people, summer blockbuster movies, and much more.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Amanda Palmer: Oasis (Music Video)

This is hilarious. The new music video from The Dresden Dolls' front woman Amanda Palmer's new solo album "Who Killed Amanda Palmer". Amanda has dedicated this music video to Governor Sarah Palin. Please take a look.

She-Ra: Princess Of Power

Looking back on it now, I should probably deem it a shameful moment in my life, but I don't. Back when I was, I think 13 but it could have been 14, I went on a trip to Alberta with my best friend and his parents. We went to every major city around the Alberta region, but there was one stop we made that we went to a specific natural history museum that had a little kids waiting area.

So while me and my friend were waiting for his parents we sat down and started looking through things in said waiting area. Among the things was an old She-Ra comic book. Having almost completely forgotten about She-Ra altogether my friend and I were stunned that this even existed. So what did I do? That's right! I stole it! I stole a She-Ra comic book from a Museum waiting area so we could look through it in the car and enjoy moments of nostalgia. I have no idea where that comic book is today, but I still enjoy that memory.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lady Gaga: Just Dance (Music Video)

From the album "The Fame" (2008).

Duffy: Stepping Stone (Music Video)

Duffy - Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone is the fourth single from Duffy's debut album "Rockferry" (2008), and one of my personal favorites. Though her song "Serious was originally meant to be her fourth single, she replaced it with Stepping Stone just weeks before the release date. It's definitely a better choice, I don't care for the song "Serious" at all. Take a look at the video.

Lisa Loeb: Taffy (Music Video)

This is Lisa Loeb's third single from her first studio album "Tails" (1995). Gotta love her glasses.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kathy Griffin: The D-List (Comedy Special)

Kathy Griffin is definintely one of my all time favorite Comedians. This is her first Bravo comedy special, and I will be adding the others. Kathy is a two time Emmy winner for her hit reality show "My Life On The D List", and has starred in shows from Suddenly Susan to Seinfeld. Her humour is all about the absurdities of celebrities and her own fabulosities as a D-list celebrity.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Amy Sedaris: On David Letterman (2007)

Most of you would probably recognize Amy Sedaris from her guest starring role on Sex And The City as one of Carrie's book publisher's, Courtney (the one who isn't Molly Shannon) but this "mentally energetic" actress/comedian/rabbit lover/hostess, has also starred in films like Strangers With Candy (her own star vehicle), Shrek The Third (as the voice of Cinderella), Bewitched, and Snow Angels. She is the author of the best selling entertaining guide "I Like You: Hospitality Under The Influence", which is a manual on how to be a low budget version of Martha Stewart and she is on David Letterman every other week I think. Some love her, some can't stand her. I think she's hilarious.

Patty Griffin: When It Don't Come Easy (Live)

Earlier this year, I had the true delight of seeing Patty Griffin in concert while she was out promoting her latest studio album "Children Running Through", and it was quite honestly one of the most musically stunning shows I have ever been to. Patty has released a live DVD from the tour "Patty Griffin: Live From The Artists Den" and I'm posting her performance of one of my favorite songs by her. Hope you like it.

Jem & The Holograms: The Beginning

Most of my friends know that one of my favorite cartoon shows growing up (as it was for most gay boys in the 80's) was Jem & The Holograms. Yes, the four ordinary girls who become rock stars with the styling help of a computer named "Cynergy". Music, adventure, magic earrings... what more do you want? Here's the first episode of the show, which explains everything.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Mario Saves The Princess

Just a humorous little cartoon from the mind of Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad).

Christina Aguilera: Keeps Gettin' Better (Music Video)

I'm really in no way impressed by the new video by Christina Aguilera, but I do like the song and I have a fondness for the twisted version of Catwoman that she plays towards the end and it got me thinking of Michelle Pfieffers Catwoman in Batman Returns. I thought about all of the times she "dies" in that movie and three of them were from falling from buildings. Ummm... aren't cats supposed to land on their feet?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tori Amos: Winter (Live At Montreux 1991)

For all the Tori fans out there, she has just recently released on DVD (and live CD) her early concert performances from the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1991 and 1992. The clip above is her performance of her heartbreakingly beautiful song "Winter" from the 1991 show which was very much a preview of things to come in Tori's career.
She was still very much unknown at this time as she hadn't yet released her 1992 breakout solo record "Little Earthquakes". The song listings for the two concerts in the DVD package are...

1991 Show:
Silent All These Years
Precious Things
Song For Eric
Upside Down
Happy Phantom
Thank You (Led Zepplin cover)

1992 Show:
Little Earthquakes
Silent All These Years
Precious Things
Happy Phantom
Whole Lotta Love/Thank You (Led Zepplin Medley)
Me And A Gun
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)

The DVD and Live cd are in stores now.

I Love Lucy: Classic Moments

Two of the most classic moments in the history of television were seen on the classic Lucille Ball sitcom "I Love Lucy" (1951 - 1957). The first is from the episode "Lucy Does A TV Commercial", where Lucy, against her husband Ricky's (Desi Arnaz) wishes, finds herself as a spokesperson for a new health tonic called "Vitameatavegamin". The tonic contains all of the essentials for a healthy lifestyle. Vitamins, Meat, Vegatables, Minerals, and of course an alcohol content of 23%. Take a look.

The second clip is from the episode "Job Switching" wherein Lucy and Ethel bet Ricky and Fred that they couldn't last a week being housewives and the couples "job switch" sending Lucy and Ethel into the business world to bring home the bacon. Due to the fact that the two have no job experiences, the girls lie to their employment officer and end up getting jobs at a local chocolate factory. See what happens.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Donna DeLory: Sky Is Open (Music Video)

I have a not so secret love for long time Madonna back up singer Donna DeLory's solo music. I generally don't like ambient music but her voice is so sweet and soothing that I really can't help but listen. This is the title song from Donna's latest studio album "Sky Is Open" (2006). The video was directed by her friend Nick Spanos and was shot in and around her house in California.

As mentioned, Donna has performed back up vocals for Madonna during every one of her tours from The Who's That Girl Tour (1987) up to The Confessions Tour (2006). Donna was not available to perform on Madonna's latest trek (2008's Sticky & Sweet Tour) due to conflicts with her own solo tour and the fact that she is expecting her second child this month. She already has a daughter named Sofia. Here is a clip from an interview she did, describing an experience she had while preparing for Madonna's Drowned World Tour.

Phil Putnam: Servants & Sons (Live)

I hardly ever visit my Myspace page anymore, but one of the good things I found about being on Myspace was that so many different musicians try to solicite you to listen to their music and be their fans. A lot of them are absolutely awful but every once in awhile you get one that's music is pretty right on. Phil Putnam was one of those artists for me. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. He's an artist who is based out of Sacremento, CA, and though I haven't bought any of his albums yet, it's only a matter of time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tin Man Trailer

Another Zooey post. He must be mad. One of my favorite roles that Zooey has ever played, was the role of DG in the SciFi channels miniseries update of The Wizard of Oz, "Tin Man". This special was recently released on DVD and I encourage everyone to go rent it or buy it. Here is the trailer below.

She & Him: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here (Music Video)

Here it is. The video for She & Him's first official single Why Do You Let Me Stay Here from their album "Volume One" (2008). You can really see Zooey's quirky sense of humour in this video. The band are really good live, and I've heard rumour that they are going back into the studio to record a second album, appropriately titled "Volume Two".

Zooey Deschanel: On Jimmy Kimmel Live (2006)

I love this interview. I never seem to get sick of her story about dressing up as Mary Kate Olsen for Halloween. Zooey is one of those celebrities who is just so enjoyable mainly due to her awkwardness. This interview was obviously done before she released her album with musician M. WARD under the group name She & Him. I will be adding the video for their single Why Do You Let Me Stay Here after this.

Alanis Morissette: On The Hour (2008)

Alanis appeared on the CBC chat show The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos this week to promote her new album Flavors Of Entanglement. Take a look.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Daria: Fizz Ed

I think I've mentioned my love for the old MTV animated show Daria before, and I've found all of the episodes on youtube to watch but this may be one of my all time favorite episodes.

The Lawndale High School budget is majorly cut, resulting in some...interesting classroom scenes. So, Ms. Li arranges to have a soda company redecorate the school in exchange for $50,000. But when the school becomes a shrine to Ultra Cola and Ms. Li goes crazy due to a sugar rush, it's up to Daria to bring the matter to the school superintendent.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Madonna: On Nightline (1990)

Madonna did an interview with the news show Nightline back in 1990 (Christ, that was forever ago) following the release of her Justify My Love video and spoke of the controversy and scandal (the video being banned from MTV and other music stations and then being released as a best selling video single) that the video had been causing in the media.

This is the Madonna I miss. Clever, daring, innovative, and one of a kind.

Part 1:

Part 2:

And Here Is The Video For Everyone's Viewing Pleasure!

Jay Brannan: Denmark

Another beautifully written song by Jay. This was definitely a highlight of his latest show in Toronto, particularly because he started tearing up toward the end of it.

Watch it, love it.

Madonna: Get Stupid

This past weekend I had a full weekend of Madonna, starting with attending a Madonna-thon style club night on Friday at a place called "Fly" and then by seeing Madonna's two shows of the Sticky & Sweet Tour in Toronto on both Saturday and Sunday nights.

Many things seemed wrong with the concert when I saw it on the Saturday night.

Number 1) I had forgotten my glasses at home, which perturbed me to no end, and if you've ever been to a Madonna concert before, you know that proper vision is almost as important as proper auditory skills (if not more important)to enjoying the show fully.

Number 2) The volume levels of the music were far too loud (making it almost unlistenable at times).

Number 3) Madonna's vocals weren't very listenable either. I've never thought or said that she was a great singer, but usually her vocals are substandard and hold up for an entire show, but they were terribly mediocre during this particular performance.
However, when I returned to the Air Canada Centre the following evening, it was like a whole new show. I had my glasses, the levels were at a proper listening level for a stadium show and her vocals seemed to be a bit stronger and I thought it was a fantastic show. Not her best by any stretch of the imagination (but that also comes along with my dislike for her latest album), but there were quite a few stand out moments that I thought were extremely cool and shreik worthy. Her performances of Like A Prayer, Vogue, Human Nature (with Britney on screen), Devil Wouldn't Recognize You, and You Must Love Me were some of the great highlights, as well as this universally conscious video interlude above, shown before the last group of songs.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rosie O'Donnell: The True Colors Tour (Live 2008)

As mentioned in the post below, I was front row for the second annual True Colors tour when it stopped in Toronto this summer and one of Cyndi's special guests was Rosie O'Donnell. Now, love her or hate her, at least she speaks her mind and I personally find her very inspiring. Here is the three clip collection of the routine she did for the tour. Some funny, some extremely touching. Give it a look.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Cyndi Lauper: Into The Nightlife (Music Video)

The infectious, dancerific video for Cyndi's latest single from her amazingly hot, all dance record "Bring Ya To The Brink" is here for your viewing pleasure.
Again, this is a video that I have been trying to add to this site for ages now and I think it will finally work this time. I saw Cyndi front row on her second annual True Colors Tour when it stopped in Toronto this summer (as evidenced by the picture that I took above), and she was (as always) phenomenal. I think she may be one of the greatest live female singers of our generation. Her voice is flawless and she has such incredible range.
The tracklisting for Bring Ya To The Brink is as follows...

1) High And Mighty
2) Into The Nightlife
3) Rocking Chair
4) Echo
5) Lyfe
6) Same Ol' Story
7) Raging Storm
8) Lay Me Down
9) Give It Up
10) Set Your Heart
11) Grab A Hold
12) Rain On Me
13) Got Candy* (Bonus track for certain markets)
14) Can't Breathe* (Bonus track for certain markets)

The album is available in stores now. Go Buy It!

Michelle Williams: We Break The Dawn (Music Video)

Here is the strut worthy video from former Destiny's Child member Michelle Willams newest album "Unexpected".
I have been trying to add this video for ages but I think it will work this time (fingers crossed). I love this song and I really enjoy the album. Her voice isn't perfect but she does bring a sultry-ness to the table which I find enjoyable. Check out the new album. The video for her second single "Hello Heartbreak" will be released soon.

Brandy: Right Here (Departed) (Music Video)

Right Here Video

This is the new video for Brandy's first single from her new album "Human" which will be released December 9th.
This album is Brandy's first in 4 years and is also her first from her new record deal with Epic Records after parting ways with her former record label Atlantic Records. The tracklisting for the new album goes...

1) Right Here (Departed)
2) Long Distance
3) Human
4) Torn Down
5) Fall
6) Locked In Love
7) The Definition
8) Camouflage
9) Shattered Heart
10) Piano Man
11) Warm It Up With Love
12) Acapella
13) True
14) After The Flood

Can't Wait.

All Saints: Chick Fit (Music Video)

From the album "Studio 1" (2006).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Britney Spears: Womanizer (Music Video)

Finally! It's taken 800 years or so but Britney seems to be back to her pre marriage/beating up paparazzi with umbrella's glory.

The new video for the first single from her coming sixth studio album "Circus" was released a couple of days ago and had received 1 million views during the first 24 hours of it being posted to youtube.
The video was shot back in September by director Joseph Khan who worked with Britney previously on her video's for Stronger (2000) and Toxic (2004), and features her in many guises from secretary to personal driver. The video has come under much scrutiny because of the nudity involved, but I really can't imagine why people are surprised. That's what Britney does people! She's an exhibitionist for crying out loud.

I personally love this video and I'm glad to have slutty Britney back. Circus will be released in stores December 2nd, coinciding with Britney's 27th birthday. Also her 90 minute documentary "For the Record" which chronicles her life from her meltdown to her return to music will air on MTV November 30th, two days before the release of the album.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Blindness: Movie Trailer

I'm very excited about this. The movie "Blindness", which I worked on as an extra for one day last summer is being released in theatres today.

Based upon the novel by José Saramago, The story takes place in an anonymous city where the citizens are being infected by a plague of Blindness, and the only way to contain the plague is to commit the infected citizens into a decommissioned sanitarium. Julianne Moore's character is the only one in the sanitarium who retains her sight. Chaos ensues among the patients when the food starts to dwindle and the living conditions become increasingly violent.

Much hubub has been made surrounding the release of this movie. The National Federation for the Blind is planning on picketing the film because they believe that the "movie portrays blind people as monsters." I don't personally think that the movie turns blind people into monsters. I think the reason for the depiction of monsterous acts in the film have more to do with the fact that the people are being confined against their own will. The same way that The Lord Of The Flies doesn't necessarily intentionally depict children as little monsters, but when you're in a desperate situation all reason escapes the mind. It's more of a take on society in general.
See for yourselves though. Go see the movie and look for me in the scene where the sanitarium is on fire. I doubt I'll be visible but it's exciting none the less. My friend Trish has a much larger part than me. She was an extra on the film for weeks.

The film is directed by Fernando Meirelles (City Of God, The Constant Gardener), and stars Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Danny Glover, Gael Garcia Bernal, and Sandra Oh. I saw all of them on set but Sandra.

Alanis Morissette: Not As We (Music Video)

This is the second single release from Alanis' newest studio album "Flavors Of Entanglement". The video (which was just released today) contains the full band orchestration version of the song not featured on the actual album. The album version is a much simpler production with only Alanis and a piano.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sex And The City: DVD Out Tomorrow

Yay! It's here, it's finally here! The Sex And The City Movie is being released on DVD tomorrow. This means I won't have to go see it in the theatres again (I saw it four times). Instead I can just curl up on the couch with my popcorn and watch anytime I want to.

The dvd is being released in two different formats, the theatrical release, and an extended edition which shows scenes not seen in the theatrical release. The other features are advertised in the commercial above (plus an audio-commentary by director Michael Patrick King not mentioned). This movie was one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer, earning $400,454,627 worldwide so far, thusly the release of the DVD deserved it's own Hollywood style DVD Release Party, which was held in New York last week with stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, and Cynthia Nixon all making appearances.

A Sequel to the movie is currently in talks with all involved, according to Michael Patrick. "When I finished [the first one], I didn’t have a thought in my head about a sequel. It doesn’t feel done to me at all. It feels like it generated a whole new burst of enthusiasm for these characters. I thought if I could come up with a really fun, worthy story it would certainly be a great chance to do it again."

Let's all look forward to seeing that. In the meantime, pick up your copy of The Sex And The City Movie tomorrow.

Sidenote: Sex And The City writer, Candace Bushnell, has admitted that she is working on a new book series which will be a prequel to SATC called "The Carrie Diaries", chronicaling Carrie Bradshaw's teenage years.

Jay Brannan: Home

Seriously, I will stop posting things about Jay Brannan someday, it's just I saw him live again last Friday night (and met him again), and it just really amazes me how incredible I find his music. It's extremely well written and performed. So, if you still haven't been convinced of his talent, watch the youtube video of his song "Home" above and try to tell me that you don't love him.
If you have the opportunity to see him live, I suggest you take it. Buy or download his album "Goddamned" through I-tunes or his official online store

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Idina Menzel: I Stand (Acoustic Music Video)

Tickets for Idina Menzel's concert in Toronto go on sale tomorrow morning. So, as I count the hours til' I purchase mine, I figured I should add the new video for the title track off her latest album "I Stand".
This is the acoustic version of the song which is now available on the new "I Stand: Acoustic EP" up for downloading (and purchase) through I-tunes and Amazon. The Ep also features acoustic recording's of the songs Brave, Gorgeous, and Better To Have Loved.

Idina will be performing in Toronto on Friday November 7th at Danforth Music Hall. Get your tickets tomorrow.

Janet Jackson: Good & Evil

It seems that Janet has a classic good vs. evil theme within her current Rock Witchu Tour. Here are two video's which are shown on the projection screens at different points in the show. The one above features a very angelic (yet futuristic) version of "Good Janet", and the one below features a very dark and twisted (Lord of The Rings-esque) version of "Evil Janet".

Graphic design company "Transport", who designed these two video's for the tour had this to say about their creations,

"Here's where some project explanation needs to happen. The whole show, which you should try to see if it comes near you, is based on a futuristic blade runner-like scenario, and there are forces battling for Janet's very soul. Our job was to turn Janet into good and evil versions of herself showing the struggle, but also be very techno-apocalyptic in style for both the good and evil characters...which according to Janet we nailed."

I can't wait to see the context of these two video's when I go see Janet at the Air Canada Centre next Sunday. Very exciting.

Björk: Dull Flame Of Desire (Music Video)

The Dull Flame Of Desire is the fifth single release from Björk's latest studio album "Volta" (2007) and is a duet with performer Antony Hegarty (Antony & The Johnson's). The lyrics are an english translation of a russian poem by Fyodor Tyutchev.

The video was directed by three different directors and as a result has three different looks to it which I think blend together beautifully. For her third single from Volta, "Innocence", Björk held a special contest on her website for one of her fans to create a video for the song. One winner was chosen but when it came to making the video for Dull Flame, she contacted three seperate directors who had entered the Innocence contest but didn't win.
"When we did the competition for "Innocence", where all the fans sent in videos, they sent in like 400 videos. There were some that I thought were amazing, made by really talented visual people who had maybe never done this before, but they didn't totally fit with the mood of "Innocence". So I contacted them and asked them if they would work together and do ["Dull Flame of Desire"]. In that song, we repeat the same verse over and over again. So I thought it would be interesting to have one verse presented by one director, and then the second by another director, and then the third by another. I had never done that before, and it was quite exciting.

We recorded our part in front of a green screen, and sent it by email to the directors, one in Japan, one in Spain, and one in Germany. They're collaborating via email. I don't know how long it will take. I was being pressured by my record company [to make videos] for the more up-tempo songs, but I have great love for "Dull Flame of Desire", and it was very emotionally special for me to make that with Antony. I thought this would be a good way of doing it."

The three directors are Christoph Jantos from Berlin, Masahiro Mogari from Tokyo, and Marçal Cuberta Juncà from Spain. Take a look at their breathtaking work.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jay Brannan: A Death Waltz Live From Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum In Olso

Jay continues to amaze and inspire, performing his song A Death Waltz live from Emanuel Vigeland's Mausoleum in Olso, Norway.

Emanuel Vigeland was a well-known artist in Norway and he originally had the Mausoleum made as a museum for his work to be held in before he ultimately chose for it to serve as his burial place. His ashes still remain above the entrance to the building. The artwork in the room is a depiction of human life from conception to death. Quite a few concerts have been held in this space.

Just listen to those acoustics. A Death Waltz is featured on Jay's full-length album "Goddamned", which is now available to download worldwide through i-tunes and available in stores July 15th. Pick it up or download away. It is a brilliant album.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Alanis Morissette: Flavors Of Entanglement

The seventh studio album from Alanis Morissette may have taken 4 years to manifest itself but I must say that it was truly worth the wait. The album is a masterfully written and performed collection of electro pop/rock songs which is being described (by the fans who have already heard it in it's entirety) as her best work since her 1998 release "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie" and in some regards as her best work ever.

I personally have been describing the album as a combination of the very best elements of Jagged Little Pill, Supposed, and So Called Chaos. It has the hard edged rock sensibilities of Jagged, the reflective softness of Supposed, and the radio-friendly popiness of SCC all blended together with incredibly rich electro beats reminiscent of Bjork's earlier works (think Post and Homogenic) courtesy of producer Guy Sigworth. Alanis herself describes the album as "techno-sounding but organic."

The tracklisting for the album is as follows,

1) Citizen Of The Planet
2) Underneath (first single)
3) Straitjacket
4) Versions Of Violence
5) Not As We
6) In Praise Of The Vulnerable Man
7) Moratorium
8) Torch
9) Giggling Again For No Reason
10) Tapes
11) Incomplete

Deluxe Version Bonus Songs:

1) Orchid
2) The Guy Who Leaves
3) Madness
4) Limbo No More
5) On The Tequila

Flavors Of Entanglement will be officially released on June 10th.

Michelle Williams: Unexpected

The Divine Michelle Williams will be releasing her third solo album entitled Unexpected later this summer. I have been trying to add the hot new video for her first single "We Break The Dawn" all afternoon but everytime I do I keep getting a failed post message from youtube (assholes lol).

Michelle's last two albums (2002's Heart To Yours and 2004's Do You Know) which were primarily gospel music records did little if anything to establish her as a solo artist like her Destiny's Child counterparts, which is a shame because I always considered her to have the most unique (and therefore best) voice of the the group.

Lately she has found some success in the world of musical theatre. She replaced fellow R&B artist Toni Braxton in the title role of Elton John and Tim Rice's "Aida" on Broadway, and was most recently featured in the role of Shug Avery as part of the touring cast of the musical version of "The Color Purple".

Hopefully with her new Pop/R&B sound and Destiny's Child "Lose My Breath strut" in fine form (see the video) , she will finally begin to turn heads on the billboard charts as a solo artist.

The tracklisting for Unexpected is as follows.

1) Unexpected Intro
2) Hello Heartbreak
3) We Break The Dawn
4) Lucky Girl
5) The Greatest
6) 'Til The End Of The World
7) Private Party
8) Hungover
9) Stop This Car (rumored second single)
10) Unexpected
11) Thank You
12) Too Young For Love

The album will be released August 12th. I'll keep trying to add the video but for now you have the link.

Out Now: Sex And The City The Movie

Get the girls together, put your Manolo Blahnik's on and order up a cosmopolitan because our favorite Girl Gang is back via the silver screen.

The Sex and the City Movie is out in theatres today!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Jay Brannan: Housewife Official Video

Okay, so I think I'm going to turn this blog into a shrine for Jay Brannan because I can't seem to stop talking about him lol. Here is the official music video for Jay's first single "Housewife from his first full length album (mentioned below)out July 15th in stores.

The one take video starts with a nod to Jay's beginnings as a music artist through his youtube video recordings with him in an apartment with his guitar performing to the camera. As he plays on the background changes showing a suburban existence reflected in the lyrics of the song and then back to the empty apartment.

Great stuff.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Album: Jay Brannan - Goddamned

Yay! I'm sure you've all had your fill of me writing about the sublime Jay Brannan on this blog but I haven't posted in a month (and I'm sure nobody even checks this site anymore but me) so I'm going to mention some very exciting news.

Jay is finally releasing his first official "made in studio, sold in stores" album entitled "Goddamned". Jay has been touring and recording tirelessly and I know the album is going to be perfection. Plus the thought of me having a studio produced version of the song Goddamned is so thrilling. The album which was recorded at the Village Recording Studio's in LA will be released via Jay's record label "Great Depression Records" with the first single being the song Housewife for which Jay will soon be shooting a video for.

The track listing for the album is as follows,

1) Can't Have It All
2) Half-Boyfriend
3) American Idol
4) Death Waltz
5) At First Sight
6) Housewife
7) Goddamned
8) Home
9) Bowlegged & Starving
10) On All Fours
11) String-A-Long Song

Goddamned will be released July 1st through I-tunes and in stores on July 15th. To hear the album version of Housewife visit Jay's Myspace Page.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Madonna: 4 Minutes

The new Madonna video is finally here. Even though the song hasn't really grown on me yet I do think it is a good video. She and Justin are sticking to what works best for them (dancing), and she looks gorgeous, I'm not liking Justin's facial hair though.

I'm hoping the album has better songs than this. This just sounds like a cast off from one of Justin's albums.

The album Hard Candy comes out April 28th.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Janet Jackson: Rock With U Video

Here is the video for the second single from Janet's latest album "Discipline" which has reached the Number 1 position on the Billboard (her first album to do so since the release of All For You). The video is done in one shot and features Miss Jackson and the Kids (dancers) dancing up a storm.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Jay Brannan: At First Sight

That's right, another Jay Brannan song for your listening and viewing pleasures. Would you say I'm obsessed yet? Okay, maybe I don't want to know the answer to that.

I enjoy the way he pieced this video together. Clever. More to come.

Jay Brannan: Ever After Happily

I'm going to add a few more Jay Brannan video's because so many of his songs have become like anthems/theme songs for me. I relate so much to his words and music and like I said I have different songs for different states of mind and this is somewhat of the one I'm in at the moment.

Introduce your friends to Jay's music if you like what you hear. He's up and coming and such an extraordinary talent. Ta.

Mariah Carey: Touch My Body

It took me a few listens (and a few watches) but I'm starting to really enjoy the new Mariah Carey song. It's quite catchy, the video is quirky and humourous but she keeps insisting on wearing the micro-mini's. You can change your style once in a blue moon Mariah, it's starting to get boring.

The new album "E=MC²" is scheduled for release on April 18th. Hope it's a good one.

Jann Arden: Good Mother

After my emotional hit parade yesterday about societies direction, I wanted to add a song that fit with the subject matter in a round about way. Music is such a powerful tool. I have a song or album for every thought and emotion that has ever run through my blood. I thought Jann Arden's "Good Mother" fully encompassed my thoughts at this time perfectly. Plus the video is too beautiful to describe.

I dedicate this to the kids in the world who are living in a world they didn't make.

"Facing Forward Be Yourself!"

Monday, March 03, 2008

What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

Okay I was seriously too tired and emotional to read about this today, I even started tearing up here at work and had to compose myself.

On February 12th of this year, a 15 year old boy named Lawrence "Larry" King was murdered at his school in Oxnard, California. A few weeks before the shooting which took his life Larry had admitted to many in his school that he was gay and had started enduring harassment from many people around him. He had asked Brandon, the 14 year old boy who shot him, to be his Valentine, Brandon then showed up to school, entered their school's computer lab and shot Larry twice in the back of the head.

Ummm..... I really don't know where to go from here as I'm starting to tear up again. I'm just wondering how do we get to a place like this? How has society not risen above this sort of prejudice? What kind of message is society sending to kids that would make one act so violently towards another because of a simple Valentine proposal? Just what exactly makes a certain person disposable in the eyes of another?

It takes a lot of courage to come out to people especially at such a young age. It's perhaps been the most terrifying experience of my personal existance and I was in my 20's when I started telling people, I couldn't even fathom coming out at 15. But on top of that, to be met with hostility and violence for the sake of being truthful with yourself and with others just makes it all the more difficult. Everyone, Everyone, EVERYONE has the right to a peaceful state of mind and to love freely who they choose. That is everyone's God Given Right and to deny a single person that right is the purest form of hatred and cruelty in my mind.

My heart goes out to the families involved and to society in general for the way we treat each other. Tolerance takes a lot of time and I hope even in this high paced world we can work harder on achieving it together. I leave you now with this clip of Ellen Degeneres talking about this tragedy on her talk show last week as she is a lot more eloquent when it comes to matters like this, my head is far too jumbled. Please watch here and try not to forget that tragedies like this are occuring daily and we can stop it by helping to change our little portion of society. If you don't understand something (or you fear something) educate yourself on the matter, don't dispose of it or ignore it.

RIP Lawrence King. Peace Everyone.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Paula Abdul: Dance Like There's No Tomorrow Video

I think Paula has done a pretty good job with the video for her new single. She looks good (I'm loving that she's in her classic dress shirt and black slacks that she often wore in her video's back in the day), the song is good and she shows off just how well she can still perform and dance around.

The one problem I have with the video is the fact that Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell show in the end shot. What the fuck is that Paula? I get why Randy is in the video, he produced the song and it is on his Music Club: Volume 1 album, but what is the point in having simon and Ryan in it. You already premiered the video on American Idol...I think that was enough of a tipping of the hat to the show.

Oh well, I knew it wouldn't be perfect, but it's nice anyway.

The OFFICIAL Sex And The City Movie Trailer

It's finally here! The official full length movie trailer for the Sex And The City Movie. Of course there are a few spoiler moments (as with any other trailer) including the reveal of Mr. Big's full name, Carrie is getting married, Charlotte get's pregnant but also has her adopted Chinese daughter, Steve seems to cheat on Miranda and Samantha is just her usual fabulous self.

"This one's married and she's not growing a national forest." Lol Classic Samantha.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dead Like Me: Teaser Movie Trailer

For those of you who were fans of the show Dead Like Me here is the official teaser trailer for the straight to DVD movie that is expected to drop in stores sometime this year.

The show about a bunch of misfit Grim Reapers had a huge cult following but sadly only aired for two seasons. By the time the rabid fans of the show sent petitions to have it brought back to television, actor Mandy Patinkin (who played head reaper Rube) was already on another series. The entire cast with the exception of Patinkin and actress Laura Harris who played Daisy Adaire are back for the film (including my personal favorite Christine Willes as Deloris Herbig "as in Her Big brown eyes).

As far as I can tell, the Reapers have a new Head Reaper named Cameron Kane and George (played brilliantly by Ellen Muth) has been communicating with her younger sister Reggie. Watch the trailer to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

Kylie Minogue: In My Arms

As I mentioned before Kylie has released two new singles at the same time. I previously posted the video for the North American/British single Wow and now here is the video for the single In My Arms which is the new European release.

Kylie is clearly loving her dayglo colors on this album. Though this might be my least favorite track on the X album I actually prefer this video over the one for Wow. What does everybody else think?

Sheryl Crow: Love is free

I'm really O.D.-ing on the music video's lately aren't I? Oh well, I'm loving so I'll keep doing so until I'm tired or until something better comes along.

This is the official first single from Sheryl Crow's new album Detours. The song and video are both celebrations of the people of New Orleans who have overcome many hardships in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Taylor Dayne: Beautiful

Paula Abdul is not the only one making a comeback. Taylor Dayne is back and according to this video she is bringing the early 90's back with her.

This song is off of her new album "Satisfied" which came out this past Tuesday and I really like the song (and album). The album is really soulful (which let's face it, is what Taylor does best) and her vocals are just as powerful now as they ever were, but isn't this video a little too 1992? I mean really, every female vocalist back in the early 90's had a video where it was them frolicking around while Calvin Klein models took their shirts off (not that I'm complaining), even Alanis did it, Remember the Feel Your Love video?

Anyway, it's a really nice album. She does two cover songs, the Red Hot Chili Peppers classic "Under The Bridge" and Des'ree's "Kissing You" which is the perfect match for her voice. Beautiful is the first single (duh) so give it a listen.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Paula Abdul: Dance Like There's No Tomorrow [Live]

Okay, Paula Abdul may be crazy as fuck but I have to admit...she puts on a good show. I think this was a pretty good comeback performance. She mixed the old with the new (nice, we like that), she had good stage presence, fine she was lip synching but who doesn't nowadays? Plus considering all of her health problems that slowed down her dancing (early set arthritis, back problems) she moves really well. The song is catchy to boot.

I think if she makes a right proper video for the song and goes in this direction with the new album she is working on (which according to her official website will be out this summer) I think it will be quite a promising comeback all around. Better than Britney's anyway.

Tina Dico: On The Run

This is exciting. This is the video for Tina Dico's first single from her new album Count To Ten which will be available in North America on April 8th. I first came across this Danish born, Britain based singer songwriter when I saw her open for Teitur on his North American tour two years ago. At the time she had already been a featured vocalist on two tracks off of Electronic band Zero 7's second album and was just starting to promote her first international release In The Red. That album has since gone Multi-platinum.

This video was shot at Joshua Tree National Park in LA. According to Tina, "It was 45 degrees on this particular day and with all th running I was starting to hallucinate strange things by the end."

Watch for the Count To Ten tracklisting coming soon. I love this song and I'm really looking forward to the album.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

John Does Borat

John Mayer recently payed homage to comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's character Borat by wearing the characters popular beach attire, a neon green thong suit, while aboard his boat in the Bahamas last weekend. I really don't know what to say except...some things are better left to the imagination John. Nice ass though.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Idina Menzel: Brave Music Video

Idina Menzel released her new Warner Brothers album this past Tuesday and it absolutely glorious in it's quality. Well written, musically beautiful, production value stellar. I really think everybody should give it a try.

This is the video for her first single Brave. She looks gorgeous. The video came out after the album which I find a bit bizarre but it was worth the wait. Take a look and listen.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

She & Him: Volume 1

First we had Minnie Driver, then it was Emmy Rossum, now folks the newest actress with hidden musical talents that will be unleashed upon the world next month is Zooey Deschanel.

Zooey who you probably recognize from movies like Elf, Eulogy, Manic, or the tv mini series Tin Man, has collaborated with musician/producer M. Ward to create an album under the title of She & Him. The two first met to record a cover version of Richard and Linda Thompson's "When I Get To The Border" for a film soundtrack. After their official first meeting, Zooey let it slip that she wrote and recorded her own songs at home on her computer and she ended up sending a few of her demo's to him.

Ward has said, "Her voice doesn't sound like anything else that's out there. All I really had to do is press record, I feel like she secretly had been working on a first record for years but kept it under her hat and focused on acting."
As for the name She & Him, Ward stated, "We wanted people to listen to the music first and foremost, before really making a fuss about who is making the music."

The album titled Volume 1 will be released March 18th through Merge records and the track listing goes as follows...

1) Sentimental Heart
2) Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
3) This Is Not A Test
4) Change Is Hard
5) I Thought I Saw Your Face Today
6) Take It Back
7) I Was Made For You
8) You Really Got A Hold On Me (Miracles cover)
9) Black Hole
10) Got Me
11) I Should Have Known Better (Beatles cover)
12) Sweet Darlin'

There is a video from a live show they did together recently that I will probably be adding just so we can get a taste of what we're in for. Thanks "Foobar123" for the tip. Much appreciated.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Kylie Minogue: Wow Music Video

Woohoo, the second single from Kylie's new album "X" is the amazingly infectious track "Wow". Here is the music video for the track which features Kylie in a few different wigs and loving those florescent tubes she likes to use so much.

I believe Wow is the second single for only a few regions of the world, while others will be receiving the song In My Arms.

Janet Jackson: Discipline Tracklisting

Here is the tracklisting (as I've seen it) for Janet Jackson's new album Discipline which is out on February 26th.

1) I.D. (interlude)
2) Feedback
3) LUV
4) Spinnin' (interlude)
5) Rollercoaster
6) Bathroom Break (interlude)
7) Rock With U
8) 2Nite
9) Can't B Good
10) 4 Words (interlude)
11) Never Letchu Go
12) Truth Or Dare (interlude)
13) Greatest X
14) Good Morning Janet (interlude)
15) So Much Betta
16) Play Selection (interlude)
17) The 1 feat. Missy Elliott
18) What's Ur Name?
19) The Meaning (interlude)
20) Discipline
21) Back (interlude)
22) Curtains

There seem to be an awful lot of interludes but I am dying to hear what the album sounds like. Janet is also making plans to tour with this album (finally). When she was interviewed by french magazine MadmoiZelle, she had this to say,

"We were actually going to tour last year and I was asked by the [record] company if I would consider not touring and going back to the studio and making the album and then going on tour. So we've got a whole setlist already prepared, a whole stage already prepared. Most of the work is already done, it's just a matter of tweaking things here and there now that there's a new album and I feel really, really good about it. I think it's going to be the most exciting tour we've done, really, and the most fun we'll have."

Oooooh Exciting.
UPDATE: As of 10 minutes ago, you can now listen to full length versions of the songs Rock With U and LUV on Janet's official website. Just click the launch jukebox button at the top of the page to open the player.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Alanis Morissette: Album Cover?

This picture has appeared on Alanis' official website and is the backdrop for her shows with Matchbox 20 so I'm wondering if this is going to be the album cover for the new record.

There is also a list of songs that have been written for the album not all will fit on the record as Alanis has admitted that there will only be 10 tracks on the album but here the names of the tracks that have been written at this time.

I Am
It's A Bitch To Grow Up
On The Tequila
Wounded Leading Wounded
Citizen Of The Planet
Versions Of Violence
Not As We
Limbo No More

Alanis will also star in a new movie called Radio Free Albemuth which is currently in post production. I think that about fills my Alanis quota for the day. Ta.

Alanis Morissette: Versions of Violence (Live in Atlanta)

Alanis is currently on tour as a special guest of Matchbox 20 and is previewing a couple of the songs she has written for Flavors Of Entanglement, which ones will be included on the actual album is still a mystery. Here is a sneak preview of the song Versions Of Violence, the visual aspect of the video is pretty much non-existent but the audio is pretty good.

If you want to take a listen, there you have it.

Alanis Morissette: Charlie Rose Interview

If you have an hour to spend, watch this interview that Alanis held with Charlie Rose after the release of Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie and the MTV Unplugged album. She also performs an acoustic version of That I Would Be Good at the end of the hour. Sometimes I just like to hear her speak though.

Alanis Morissette: Not As We

This clip has been on youtube for quite awhile but I guess it just took me being in the mood for Alanis to add it (that's bull, when am I ever not into Alanis? I was just too lazy). Alanis performed this song at The Hotel Cafe in LA last spring and the song has since made an appearance on the tv show "House".

No word yet as to whether it will be featured on her new album Flavors Of Entanglement but I'm hoping it will be. I have a few other fun Alanis video's to add so be ready to get sick of her.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Martie Maguire To Have Another Chick

Martie Maguire of the Dixie Chicks and her Husband actor Gareth Maguire are expecting their third child late this summer according to the Dixie Chicks official website.

Martie and Gareth are already the proud parents of 3 year old twin daughters Eva and Katie and they are looking forward to having another little girl in the house.

The statement read as follows,

"Dear friends, my husband Gareth and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our third daughter in late summer. Eva and Katie are very excited to have a new baby sister. Three girls, what a magic number!"

Martie had undergone In vitro Fertilization in order to become pregnant with the twins, is this the case in this pregnancy? (most likely).

Whether it is or it isn't, Congratulations to the happy couple. I'm sure Aunties Emily and Natalie are overjoyed as well.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Isolationist: Starring Tiffany

So what has Tiffany been up to since the release of her latest album? Well, she did many shows during the summer, landed herself at #19 on the Billboard Dancechart with her club hit "Higher" which was released seperate from the album, and now she is stretching her acting legs in two films that are due to be released this year.

The first is the short film The Isolationist (trailer shown above). This 17 minute film is currently in post-production but will be ready to submit to different film festifals this Spring. The trailer pretty much speaks for itself.

The second film is a horror movie called Necrosis that is currently in production. Necrosis follows a group of six friends who go vacationing to a cabin in the mountains and are snowed in. The friends are then haunted by the ghosts of the Donner party who were trapped in the same cabin in 1846 and ended up turning to cannabalism to survive. The friends start suffering from the effects of cabin fever and turn against eachother as their reality deteriorates around them.

I don't think Tiffany has done any acting since she provided the voice for cartoon character Judy Jetson in The Jetson's Movie.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Jay Brannan: Goddamned

Last night (as mentioned earlier) I went to see Jay Brannan in concert downtown at a place called The Supermarket, which is essentially a restaurant with a tiny little backroom where concert performances can be held. As my brother and I entered, Jay was standing off to the side where the merch was being sold, selling and signing specially (home)made cd's each numbered out of 500 all in cardboard sleeves and each displaying a different polaroid of himself on the cover. I love seeing new artists in concert for exactly that kind of reason. You always get special extras that will end up being rare finds years down the road.

The show kicked off with the opening act, Montreal based artist Zara who admitted to scoring the opening spot for the Toronto show by e-mailing Jay with a list of 10 reasons why it should be her. Then Jay hit the stage and every note out of his mouth was perfection. As a special treat for his first ever Toronto show (and second Canadian show) he even did a cover of Jann Arden's "Good Mother" especially for us.

Before we left to see the show I had been watching a few of his blog video's on youtube and fell madly in love with this song and hoped that he would play it. He did end up playing it and I was just as floored hearing it live.

So here is the song Goddamned for your auditory pleasure. The ambulance siren at the end of the song was perfectly timed. More Jay video's to come. Spread the word if you like what you hear.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jay Brannan: Body's A Temple Video

I could not be more excited right now. Tonight I am going to see my new favorite (male) singer, Jay Brannan, in concert downtown. A Christmas present from my Brother. Fans of indie movies may recognize Jay from his role as the adorable Ceth in John Cameron Mitchell's "Shortbus", but he is an extremely talented up and coming musician who will put the likes of John Mayer and Jason Mraz to shame with his incredibly brilliant and personable lyrics. Jay doesn't have an official studio album out yet but many of his songs are previewed in his personal video blogs on youtube as well as being available for download through I-tunes.

This is his first official music video for his song Body's A Temple and since I am intoxicated by his music, I will be posting many more of his personal youtube video performances to my blog.

Enjoy as I count the minutes til the show.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Emmy Rossum: Slow Me Down Video

I've got to do something now to make myself feel better after that last post so I've decided to add this video.

My brother recently returned from his trip to New York and while he was there he picked up Emmy Rossum's debut album "Inside Out" for me. It is such a beautifully written piece of work and I am simply "over the moon" in love with it. Many of you will no doubt recognize Emmy from her role as Christine Daae in Joel Schumacher's recent film adaptaion of The Phantom Of The Opera, well most people were expecting the young starlett to release a more classical sounding record, but what she delivered is an amazing mix of pop and ambient sounds that make it a cross between the poppier sound of Sarah Brightman (think the song Eden) and Imogen Heap. I highly suggest picking it up and giving a listen.

Plus she's gorgeous...which is important.

What The Fuck Is Wrong With People?

I'm so upset right now by the sheer audacity of some people. After the news of Heath Ledger's death yesterday the stupid fuck-tards of Rev. Fred Phelps' Hate Group, who are infamous for picketing gay pride events and funerals of homosexual individuals, posted the above message about the young actor, suggesting that they will be picketing his funeral because of his work in Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain. Never mind the fact that Heath is not even gay, he's a "fag-enabler" (which is the stupidest thing ever), and must apparently be punished for helping to paint homosexuality in a positive light.

Now, I'm not religious in the least but it really pisses me off when people use the "word of God" to do the Devils work. What kind of coward pickets a funeral? That is the most perverse, disgusting thing I have ever heard of and I think those people should be sent right to jail. Clearly they have no families because any sane person with children would never even think about disrespecting the dead while their families are mourning. What's even more disturbing is when these assholes choose to picket the funerals of victims of hate crimes (Matthew Shepard, Brandon Teena and many others who are less / not known) just to make the wound deeper.

With all of these religious nuts who say that God will judge you in the end for your lifestyle and choices, I say, I think that if God is supposed to be infallible, then that really leaves no room for judgement of any kind. So I'll live how I want to live and I'll be seeing you and your fucking picket signs in the afterlife where I'll be shoving them up your ass and condemning you for your lifestyle choices. Don't be thinking you can get rid of me that easily.

Wow, what a rant. I'm tired now. Peace be with Heath and everyone.