Saturday, August 19, 2006

Aladdin Jr. In Niagara

Since the summer holiday season is still upon us for a few more weeks, many family's will be hustling about trying to find ways to spend their last moments of freedom before the kids have to go back to school and fall slowly creeps up on us. Might I suggest that if you are (or you are going to be) in the Niagara Falls region, you go catch a matinee or evening showing of Aladdin Jr. at The Greg Frewin Theatre. The kids will have a blast seeing one of their favorite Disney films coming to life on stage, and the parents will love the three drink minimum (ba-dum-bum). The cast is energetic, witty, and mesmerizing, featuring Rob Torr as the Genie (The parents will get a kick out of this fast talking, impersonation spitting, scene stealing bundle of blue hilarity), Aaron Kyte (a friend and teacher of mine) as the man himself "Big Al", and the gorgeous Ashley Taylor as every little girls favorite Princess, Jasmine (she's not a loser like Cinderella).

Pictured above: Aaron Kyte (Aladdin) & Rob Torr (The Genie)

The songs you love (A Whole New World, Friend Like Me, etc.), the story you know, a great day of theatre, plus the kids will get to meet their favorite characters after the show. Running now through to September 4th, you can find ticket information at .

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