Saturday, August 26, 2006

Emma Bunton In The Studio

Next we have sweet little Baby Spice who was always my least favorite of the group, but who has in these past couple of years grown to be one of the most enjoyable.

First she released her debut solo CD "A Girl Like Me", a predictable blend of sugary sweet songs about her Mum and her friends who she missed so much (gag me) which all contained the slightly catchy formula of her previous job. Still hanging on to the Baby Spice image, which just didn't work without the other four girls to back her up. The one standout track was her funky remake of Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians "What I Am". Good try Ms. Bunton, but I still didn't buy you as a solo artist.

Next, however came her sophomore achievement 2004's "Free Me". Dropping her last name, and ditching the Baby spice image for a more mature, sexier one, Emma hit back with an impressive collection of 60's James Bond/Nancy Sinatra-esque inspired songs. With lots of live strings and horns, her ballads reached a new level of sensuality that was never overdone (like so many other pop stars) just lightly kissed and delivered with grace. Her uptempo numbers became more listenable and energetic. Emma was ready to dance.

pictured above from left: Jennifer Saunders (Edina), Emma, Joanna Lumley (Patsy)

She further stripped away her Spice Girl image by showing off her acting chops, guest starring as herself in the 5th series of amazing Brit comedy show "Absolutely Fabulous". Slaps, insults and cheekiness abound she stole scenes in a hilarious turn as Edina's (Jennifer Saunder's) latest celebrity client.

Now Emma is back in the recording studio working on her third solo album which is scheduled for release in early to late fall. Can't wait to see what direction she is choosing on this one. Her manager Simon Fuller is also working on creating a tv series centered around her.

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