Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ghost Stories

I am eagerly awaiting the release of the new Chantal Kreviazuk album "Ghost Stories". The track listing for the album (being released September 5th) is as follows...

1. Ghosts Of You
2. All I Can Do (great first single, and awesome video)
3. You Blame Yourself
4. Spoken In Tongues
5. So Cold
6. Waiting For The Sun
7. Grow Up So Fast
8. Wonderful
9. Asylum (which has been told to me is about her nanny...why not?)
10. Wendy House
11. Mad About You

You can listen to clips of the album at . It sounds deliciously different from her previous work. She's using her voice in some strange new ways, I can't wait to hear it in concert. She has once again shared her writing and producing credits with her husband (Our Lady Peace Frontman) Raine Maida, and will be touring all across Canada upon the albums release. Scheduled Tour dates can also be found on her website. See if she is coming to a theatre or club near you, and go check her out. She is amazing live. Trust me, I've seen her four times.

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