Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Making The Animal Freaks Happy

Christina Ricci has been looking positively gorgeous lately whilst promoting her new film with Samuel L. Jackson "Black Snake Moan". The movie looks like a piece of shit, and I've heard it's getting bad reviews, but who cares when she looks this good. If only she looked this good in the movie. Look Peta, No deer. Happy now?

Tori's New Album

Yay, there was recently an announcement on Rolling Stones website that Tori Amos' new album will be called American Doll Posse, and it's release date is set for May 1st. I simply can't wait, I was a bit disappointed with her last album, but from the sounds of things, this one's going to be great. The World Tour to support the album is scheduled to begin May 28th in Rome. I can't wait to see her live again. Above is the new press photo that was released with the announcement. It's a bit scary, but I love it. I think it's a bit ominous of Sissy Spacek in "Carrie".

She looks dead, her leg is bleeding, she's got a bible in one hand, and the word shame written on the other. Yah, creepy. Click the picture to enlarge.

Britney Done Bumped Her Head On The Crack Pipe

Okay I was not going to comment on Britney Spears at all. The whole hanging out with Paris Hilton, drinking and clubbing when she should be home with her kids or in the recording studio, and getting in and out of limo's with no drawers on was simply too annoying to pay much attention to (good to know she goes for the brazilian wax though). But this whole (to quote Empire Records) "Sinead O'Rebellion, shock me, shock me, shock me" nonsense that has just occured makes me think that the girl needs some heavy drugs, or group hugs. Then to top your shaved head with a tacky blonde wig that even the worst of Drag Queens wouldn't wear, further proves my point that she's insane. Not that I'm not getting a laugh out of the whole thing, but I have to say (and I never thought I would say this), the kids should be in the custody of their father. Ugh, I feel filthy now.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Children Running Through

The sublime Miss Patty Griffin is releasing her fifth studio album tomorrow. I am so excited about hearing new music from her and hopefully getting to see her on tour this time around, that I just had to make an announcement about it. You should all pick it up, she has one of the smoothest country/pop/folk/gospel voices ever, and her songwriting is extraordinary. I guarantee you won't be sorry. The album is called Children Running Through, and the track listing is as follows.

1) You'll Remember
2) Stay On The Ride
3) Trapeze
4) Getting Ready
5) Burgundy Shoes
6) Heavenly Day
7) No Bad News
8) Railroad Wings
9) Up To The Mountains
10) I Don't Ever Give Up
11) Someone Else's Tomorrow
12) Crying Over

Heavenly Day is the only track I have heard from the album, I'm not sure if it's the first single or not, but if it's any indication of the rest of the album, it will be sweet