Saturday, August 19, 2006

Gay And N'Sync

Okay, I don't mean to beat this horse to death, God knows everyone is sick and tired of hearing about it, but I swear to Mary, who the hell was surprised that Lance Bass was gay? I mean just look at him, he looks like he'd suck a dick for a Diet Coke. Next you're going to "surprise me" by telling me that that kid who plays Harry Potter is gay (don't you dare act shocked when it ends up being true).

Nobody was surprised by this news, nobody cared so much about this news. Before this story broke when was the last time you even heard the name Lance Bass? The only real thing we care about and want to know is, what's it like to be "N'Sync" with Reichen Lehmkuhl (pictured above). How did that happen? Nice one Lance. You're my hero now.

Word has it that Lance and bandmate Joey Fatone are working on a television project that they hope will come to pass, a sort of modern day Odd Couple, with Lance playing an out and proud young man, and Joey as his token straight friend (these are rumors though). Anyway, welcome to the club Mr. Bass, you're toaster oven is in the mail.

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hmvh said...

Actually, I couldn't care less about those two guys (or n*sync, for that matter) but it just occurred to me that their names already reek of gayness. I mean, c'mon... Lance? FatOne?