Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Album: Jay Brannan - Goddamned

Yay! I'm sure you've all had your fill of me writing about the sublime Jay Brannan on this blog but I haven't posted in a month (and I'm sure nobody even checks this site anymore but me) so I'm going to mention some very exciting news.

Jay is finally releasing his first official "made in studio, sold in stores" album entitled "Goddamned". Jay has been touring and recording tirelessly and I know the album is going to be perfection. Plus the thought of me having a studio produced version of the song Goddamned is so thrilling. The album which was recorded at the Village Recording Studio's in LA will be released via Jay's record label "Great Depression Records" with the first single being the song Housewife for which Jay will soon be shooting a video for.

The track listing for the album is as follows,

1) Can't Have It All
2) Half-Boyfriend
3) American Idol
4) Death Waltz
5) At First Sight
6) Housewife
7) Goddamned
8) Home
9) Bowlegged & Starving
10) On All Fours
11) String-A-Long Song

Goddamned will be released July 1st through I-tunes and in stores on July 15th. To hear the album version of Housewife visit Jay's Myspace Page.

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