Thursday, September 18, 2008

Janet Jackson: Good & Evil

It seems that Janet has a classic good vs. evil theme within her current Rock Witchu Tour. Here are two video's which are shown on the projection screens at different points in the show. The one above features a very angelic (yet futuristic) version of "Good Janet", and the one below features a very dark and twisted (Lord of The Rings-esque) version of "Evil Janet".

Graphic design company "Transport", who designed these two video's for the tour had this to say about their creations,

"Here's where some project explanation needs to happen. The whole show, which you should try to see if it comes near you, is based on a futuristic blade runner-like scenario, and there are forces battling for Janet's very soul. Our job was to turn Janet into good and evil versions of herself showing the struggle, but also be very techno-apocalyptic in style for both the good and evil characters...which according to Janet we nailed."

I can't wait to see the context of these two video's when I go see Janet at the Air Canada Centre next Sunday. Very exciting.

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