Friday, October 17, 2008

Cyndi Lauper: Into The Nightlife (Music Video)

The infectious, dancerific video for Cyndi's latest single from her amazingly hot, all dance record "Bring Ya To The Brink" is here for your viewing pleasure.
Again, this is a video that I have been trying to add to this site for ages now and I think it will finally work this time. I saw Cyndi front row on her second annual True Colors Tour when it stopped in Toronto this summer (as evidenced by the picture that I took above), and she was (as always) phenomenal. I think she may be one of the greatest live female singers of our generation. Her voice is flawless and she has such incredible range.
The tracklisting for Bring Ya To The Brink is as follows...

1) High And Mighty
2) Into The Nightlife
3) Rocking Chair
4) Echo
5) Lyfe
6) Same Ol' Story
7) Raging Storm
8) Lay Me Down
9) Give It Up
10) Set Your Heart
11) Grab A Hold
12) Rain On Me
13) Got Candy* (Bonus track for certain markets)
14) Can't Breathe* (Bonus track for certain markets)

The album is available in stores now. Go Buy It!

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