Friday, May 30, 2008

Michelle Williams: Unexpected

The Divine Michelle Williams will be releasing her third solo album entitled Unexpected later this summer. I have been trying to add the hot new video for her first single "We Break The Dawn" all afternoon but everytime I do I keep getting a failed post message from youtube (assholes lol).

Michelle's last two albums (2002's Heart To Yours and 2004's Do You Know) which were primarily gospel music records did little if anything to establish her as a solo artist like her Destiny's Child counterparts, which is a shame because I always considered her to have the most unique (and therefore best) voice of the the group.

Lately she has found some success in the world of musical theatre. She replaced fellow R&B artist Toni Braxton in the title role of Elton John and Tim Rice's "Aida" on Broadway, and was most recently featured in the role of Shug Avery as part of the touring cast of the musical version of "The Color Purple".

Hopefully with her new Pop/R&B sound and Destiny's Child "Lose My Breath strut" in fine form (see the video) , she will finally begin to turn heads on the billboard charts as a solo artist.

The tracklisting for Unexpected is as follows.

1) Unexpected Intro
2) Hello Heartbreak
3) We Break The Dawn
4) Lucky Girl
5) The Greatest
6) 'Til The End Of The World
7) Private Party
8) Hungover
9) Stop This Car (rumored second single)
10) Unexpected
11) Thank You
12) Too Young For Love

The album will be released August 12th. I'll keep trying to add the video but for now you have the link.

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