Monday, October 27, 2008

I Love Lucy: Classic Moments

Two of the most classic moments in the history of television were seen on the classic Lucille Ball sitcom "I Love Lucy" (1951 - 1957). The first is from the episode "Lucy Does A TV Commercial", where Lucy, against her husband Ricky's (Desi Arnaz) wishes, finds herself as a spokesperson for a new health tonic called "Vitameatavegamin". The tonic contains all of the essentials for a healthy lifestyle. Vitamins, Meat, Vegatables, Minerals, and of course an alcohol content of 23%. Take a look.

The second clip is from the episode "Job Switching" wherein Lucy and Ethel bet Ricky and Fred that they couldn't last a week being housewives and the couples "job switch" sending Lucy and Ethel into the business world to bring home the bacon. Due to the fact that the two have no job experiences, the girls lie to their employment officer and end up getting jobs at a local chocolate factory. See what happens.

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