Monday, October 20, 2008

Madonna: Get Stupid

This past weekend I had a full weekend of Madonna, starting with attending a Madonna-thon style club night on Friday at a place called "Fly" and then by seeing Madonna's two shows of the Sticky & Sweet Tour in Toronto on both Saturday and Sunday nights.

Many things seemed wrong with the concert when I saw it on the Saturday night.

Number 1) I had forgotten my glasses at home, which perturbed me to no end, and if you've ever been to a Madonna concert before, you know that proper vision is almost as important as proper auditory skills (if not more important)to enjoying the show fully.

Number 2) The volume levels of the music were far too loud (making it almost unlistenable at times).

Number 3) Madonna's vocals weren't very listenable either. I've never thought or said that she was a great singer, but usually her vocals are substandard and hold up for an entire show, but they were terribly mediocre during this particular performance.
However, when I returned to the Air Canada Centre the following evening, it was like a whole new show. I had my glasses, the levels were at a proper listening level for a stadium show and her vocals seemed to be a bit stronger and I thought it was a fantastic show. Not her best by any stretch of the imagination (but that also comes along with my dislike for her latest album), but there were quite a few stand out moments that I thought were extremely cool and shreik worthy. Her performances of Like A Prayer, Vogue, Human Nature (with Britney on screen), Devil Wouldn't Recognize You, and You Must Love Me were some of the great highlights, as well as this universally conscious video interlude above, shown before the last group of songs.

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