Monday, January 28, 2008

The Isolationist: Starring Tiffany

So what has Tiffany been up to since the release of her latest album? Well, she did many shows during the summer, landed herself at #19 on the Billboard Dancechart with her club hit "Higher" which was released seperate from the album, and now she is stretching her acting legs in two films that are due to be released this year.

The first is the short film The Isolationist (trailer shown above). This 17 minute film is currently in post-production but will be ready to submit to different film festifals this Spring. The trailer pretty much speaks for itself.

The second film is a horror movie called Necrosis that is currently in production. Necrosis follows a group of six friends who go vacationing to a cabin in the mountains and are snowed in. The friends are then haunted by the ghosts of the Donner party who were trapped in the same cabin in 1846 and ended up turning to cannabalism to survive. The friends start suffering from the effects of cabin fever and turn against eachother as their reality deteriorates around them.

I don't think Tiffany has done any acting since she provided the voice for cartoon character Judy Jetson in The Jetson's Movie.

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