Saturday, September 30, 2006

When Teenage Soap Opera Characters Mourn

Okay, I only ever watched the first season of The O.C. Back when Summer was cute, Seth was funny, Ryan was sexy and troubled, and we all wanted Marisa to just fuck off and die. So now, as I've been told, Marisa has granted all of our wishes, dying in this summers season finale. But where does that leave Ryan? The two had a very demented relationship, one minute they were dating, the next they weren't, the minute after that Ryan was a sugar daddy, then Marisa couldn't kick her coke addiction (or something of the sort, as I said I didn't watch the second or third seasons), annoying to keep up with, isn't it folks. But anyway, poor little (grieving) Ryan has ended up where many men who only wear wifebeaters end a cage fighter.

Is this not the stupidest show on television? Ratings were clearly dwindling down to the nubbin, making the execs say "Lets think of a way to get the girls and the gays back on the train. How about taking Ryan out of the wifebeaters and making him join Fightclub?" Genius! Because we all know that we only saw Fightclub because Brad Pitt was shirtless for pretty much the entire movie. Is he going to sell soap for a living too? Maybe I'm being too sensitive on this subject, but my Dad became a cage fighter when my hamster died, and he realized too late that violence wasn't the answer. You just have to face it.....Fluffy is gone.

My Point = Take up drinking, it's less costly on the face.

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