Saturday, September 02, 2006

Martika Performs Oppera

Okay, I had this bizarre idea for years (before Eminem slightly pissed on my plan) that if I ever got a record contract I would track down 80's teen pop sensation Martika and ask her to perform a duet with me. As we all know Eminem did not perform a duet with Martika but he did sample the chorus of her song "Toy Soldiers" on his track "Like Toy Soldiers", I was a little bummed because I wanted to be the one to bring her back into the spotlight because I always thought she had a very unique and really powerful voice (I even for a time thought she was the woman behind the singing voice of Jem from the cartoon show Jem and the Holograms, which I have a strange obsession with, however I was wrong). Little did I know, Martika at the time of the Eminem release had released an album with her musician husband Michael Mozart titled "Violince" under the name Oppera. I have only heard 30 second clips of their music so far but it is described as goth-pop. I have no clue what goth-pop is but I imagine it is something along the lines of Evanescence. Am I right? It's exciting news nonetheless. I must get my hands on some of that tunage and check out where she's at these days. I have all of her early stuff on CD, so I feel I must add to my collection.

Oppera released their self titled second album last year and have been touring the states on and off since then. So now I have to look into tracking down Candi from Candi and the Backbeat or maybe Lisa Lougheed (who was last seen singing backup for Oprah Winfrey on the song "Run On") if I want to do an obscure duet. I still don't have a record contract of course, but I haven't really tried for one yet. Maybe someday. PS. Martika's husband is scary lookin'. A cross between Prince (who oddly enough produced most of Matika's second album "Martika's Kitchen", a coincidence...I think not) and Jack White. Dick Chaney should "accidentally" shoot this guy.

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