Monday, September 25, 2006

Courtney Works With Whitney

My favorite discombobulated psycho bitch, Miss Courtney Love, is reportedly going to be working with fellow coked-out Diva Whitney Houston. Not on any kind of professional venture (God that would be awkward), but Courtney will be acting as a counseling mentor for Whitney while she is attempting to kick her drug habit. Whitney's friend, music mogul Clive Davis has asked Love to join him in an intervention type setting, and Courtney herself has recommended her addiction counselor for medical help.

Hmmm....where do I even begin with a story like this? First of all Whitney, you just left Bobby Brown. Should you really be surrounding yourself with company like Courtney? Secondly, why the hell would you look to Courtney, who hasn't been sober a day since 2001 for guidance? Maybe you can ask Natasha Lyonne to hold your hair back while you're puking from withdrawal (that is if she isn't busy raping her landlords dog....poor thing). Oh well, at least Frances Bean and Bobby Christina can hang out while their mothers snort.......uh, "support" eachother.

If this ends with Whitney flashing her saggy tits on David Letterman....Kyle will not be pleased. Actually, that would be fantastic. Let's aim high girls.

PS. I think the pictures prove my point. Huh? HUH?

PPS. I love Natasha and Courtney because they are crazy/funny drug addicts, which is what Whitney needs to aspire to be in order to gain my attention. These sort of choices tell me she's heading in the right direction.

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