Saturday, September 02, 2006

Janet To Tour In 2007

As Janet gears up for the release of "20 Y.O", she has already been starting her plans for the world tour to go along with it.

"My three choreographers and I are working on ideas now for a world tour," Jackson says. "It's always a visual thing for me as we start planning; I can see it on the stage. I don't want to share those ideas yet, because nothing is etched in stone. But we'll begin rehearsing at the end of the year."

This will be the first tour since the 2001/2002 All For You Tour. We can all expect the tour to start around March 2007. Janet is definitely a master when it comes to the art of live performance, only a select few can touch her abilities in that area. Having seen three of her four tours, and being disappointed that one never unfolded for the "Damita Jo" release, I'm sure she will re-take to the stage with a big bang. Plus, taking into consideration that this album marks the 20th anniversary of the "Control" album, lets hope she has some special surprises in store for us.

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