Monday, September 25, 2006

English Roses Sequel

Madonna will once again don her best selling author hat when she releases the long awaited sequel to her first children's book "The English Roses".

The second installment, entitled "The English Roses: Too Good To Be True", once again follows characters Amy, Charlotte, Grace, Nicole, and newest girl to the clique Binah, as they learn valuable lessons about friendship when faced with a group crush on the same boy (God, it's just like real life, isn't it?).

Madonna, mother (as we all know) to gorgeous, smart as a whip Lourdes (9), and good for a laugh, cutie pie Rocco (6), has once again credited her kids as her co-authors. "My daughter insisted that there be a boy in it" she stated in an interview. See what I mean? Smart as a whip!

Look for the book October 1st.

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