Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gaby In subUrbia

My brother and I have been trying to make plans to go to New York for the long weekend in October. Along with those plans we have been trying to decide what shows we should go see while there. One of the shows we have looked at is the play "subUrbia" at the Second Stage off-broadway. The play presents a day in the life of seven young Americans who hang out every night in the parking lot of a Pakistani family's convenience store. The return of their high-school friend Pony (who is now a successful rock singer), sparks a night of drinking, sex, and violence as the friends air their resentments and examine the choices they've made.

Up til now, the only drawing name in the cast has been Kieran Culkin (younger brother of Maculay, and star of independent hit film "Igby Goes Down"), but it has just been announced that due to scheduling conflicts, actress Kelli Garner has backed out of the role of "Sooze". The role will now be filled by one time cutie child actress Gaby Hoffmann, known for her roles in such films as "Uncle Buck", "Now & Then", and "200 Cigarettes". Now I really want to go see this. If for some reason I don't make it to the Big Apple, I can always rent the movie version, which stars (among others) Parker Posey, Steve Zahn and Giovanni Ribisi. But I have heard that the play far surpasses the film.

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