Monday, June 14, 2010

True Blood: Ultimate Fan Experience Cast Interview

Based on the collection of novels by Charlaine Harris and set in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, the HBO series "True Blood" centres around Sookie Stackhouse (played by Oscar winner Anna Paquin) a telepathic waitress who finds herself falling in love with a vampire named Bill Compton (played by Paquin's real life fiancee, Stephen Moyer) and dealing with the difficulties that seems to come with that relationship from both sides of society (Vamps & Humans).

Much has happened in the series in it's short 2 season run, and with the premiere of the third season airing only two days ago, it looks like we're in for another wild ride with the addition of new supernatural beings and more relationships starting and being torn apart. Before the premiere episode, the principal cast sat down for a Q&A of fan questions and revealed their feelings on their characters and where the show has been thus far. Take a look.

Part 1:

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