Monday, June 07, 2010

Sarah McLachlan: Forgiveness (Live & Acoustic Video)

This morning, myself and many other facebook patrons were allowed access to listen to the new Sarah McLachlan album "Laws Of Illusion" in it's entirety. The album will be released officially on June 15th, and it is a beautiful peace of work.

I have to say as a fan, it is so much better than her last studio album (2003's Afterglow) on a sonic level. Afterglow, as nice of an album as it was, was pretty much a big snooze. Each song was nice on it's own, but 10 breathy ballads all in a row, with only 1 lively number makes for a kind of boring listen.

Laws of Illusion is a nice balance of upbeat/midtempo tracks and the gorgeous ballads that are her staple and I am eager to hear the tracks from this album at Lilith Fair next month. Well worth the 7 year wait. The song shown above was one of the 5 songs that perked my ear up upon first listen, of course the album version is fuller

The track listing for the album goes,

1) Awakenings
2) Illusions Of Bliss
3) Loving You Is Easy (first single)
4) Changes
5) Forgiveness
6) Rivers Of Love
7) Love Come
8) Out Of Tune
9) Heartbreak
10) Don't Give Up On Us
11) U Want Me 2
12) Bring On The Wonder

If you're interested in previewing the album before it's release (and you haven't downloaded it yet) you can go to Sarah's fan page on facebook, click the New Album tab at the top of the page and listen away. Plus, check out Sarah and other artists this summer on the Lilith Fair Tour, for details see the tours Official Website Here!

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