Monday, June 07, 2010

Lady Gaga: Bad Romance (Music Video)

Like many others, I am completely in love with Lady Gaga. Her music, her style, her video's, her attitude, her connection with her fans, her support of the Gay Community, her live performances, everything she does is done with such gusto and after only 2 albums she is within the top 10 artists that I find endlessly entertaining and completely fascinating. I'm amazed at how her performances seem to elevate to a new visual plateau each time she does a television performance, and that her musical talent is sincere and genuine.

As luck would have it, I am fortunate enough to be attending The Monster Ball with 3 of my friends when it stops in Toronto on July 12th. I was shocked when the tickets for the first show in Toronto (July 11th) sold out in about 20 seconds (at least it seemed that way). But luckily I snagged 4 for the 12th. I count myself amongst her "Little Monsters" and though I may not dress for the occassion (simply because I can't afford to buy anything new) when it arrives, my personality will show my Monster inside, trust!

So here's the Bad Romance video, because I love it to death, and the Alejandro video is rumored to be premiering tomorrow so I hope it will be just as stunning.

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