Monday, June 07, 2010

Robyn: Dancing On My Own (Music Video)

One Pop Diva who always seems to get it right, is the one named wonder from Sweden, Robyn. She's one of very few pop artists that manages to keep producing perfect pop dance gems time after time that are so infectious and classic that it keeps you in a summer state of mind all year round.

Her latest EP, "Body Talk Pt. 1", the first in a collection of three cd's that will all be released this year, will be released officially in North America on June 15th (of course I already have it) and as I suspected from the lead off single seen above, she has indeed achieved greatness (in my mind) once more.

The track listing for the album is short but incredibly sweet,

1) Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do
2) Fembot
3) Dancing On My Own
4) Cry When You Get Older
5) Dancehall Queen
6) None Of Dem
7) Hang With Me (Acoustic)
8) Jag Vet en Dejlig Rosa

To accompany the release of the album, Robyn will be touring some markets on her own and hooking up with and co-headlining a tour with Kelis in others. Check out the video above and the album when it's released

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