Monday, June 07, 2010

Donna De Lory: Praying For Love (Music Video)

It's no secret that I find Donna De Lory's music extremely heavenly and delightful, and now I'm happy to report that I will be experiencing it first hand on July 24th. Donna has recently been added to the stunning line up of performers that will be playing at the Toronto stop of this summer's Lilith Fair tour.

When I first saw that Donna (longtime back-up performer for Madonna) was going to be performing with Lilith Fair, she was only signed up to perform at the San Diego show (which makes sense since she lives in California and has two young girls) and I thought to myself, wouldn't it be wild if she came to Toronto? But that will never happen. If she does choose to do another few shows, they'll probably be in places in the US, close to the California area. Or so I thought. By the time I had bought my ticket for the Toronto show she still hadn't been added to any other shows but I was excited for the list of performers who were signed for that lineup.

Now, about a week ago, I was reading an article about Sarah McLachlan and it mentioned the lineups of each of the Canadian dates for Lilith, and Donna's name appeared in the list of performers for TO. I thought, this surely has to be a misprint so I checked her official website and the official Lilith website and it's Frickin' True!

Long story short (too late), I can't wait to see her performing her own music live for the first time and above is a video for her single "Praying For Love" from her 1993 self-titled debut album. Love it!

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