Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kathy Griffin: The View (Interview June 2010)

OMG! This may be the best thing I've seen on a talk show in awhile. Self proclaimed D-list celebrity and outrageous stand up comic, Kathy Griffin, was on the talk show "The View" this morning to promote the season premiere of the 6th season of her Emmy Winning reality show "My Life On The D-List". While having fun chatting it up with co-hosts Joy Behar, Sherri Sheppard (both comics themselves) and some chicky from One Life to Live who was filling in as special guest host, it seemed as if the fourth co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, was in a tiff and not really open to giving Kathy so much as the time of day.

Being as rude as to literally yawn and stretch while Griffin was talking, Hasselbeck who is famously known for being a right winged "dingbat" (a polite way of saying Uptight Republican Bitch) shot a line at Kathy that basically implied that she wasn't funny and proved her disdain for her. Quick witted Kathy naturally fired back no problem saying "This moment is what I live for, so Bring It!", which means of course we can all expect to be hearing about this incident in her next set of stand up shows. Kathy also tweeted about it this afternoon, stating "The most unlikely person just MADE MY DAY. Please tell me you saw The View today." Take a look at the interview below and witness Hasselbeck's unprofessionality as a talk show host (and the birth of a new act for Kathy). I really think Elisabeth should be reprimanded for her behaviour.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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