Saturday, June 12, 2010

Court Yard Hounds: Interview + The Coast (Live On The View)

Two thirds of the Grammy winning country group "The Dixie Chicks", sisters Emily Robison and Martie Maguire, have formed a country folk duo and recently released their first album under the monocre "Court Yard Hounds". The sister act has confirmed that they are in no way leaving the Dixie Chicks for good. In fact, the chicks will be appearing as special guests on The Eagles summer tour while Court Yard Hounds will also be making frequent appearances on the Lilith Fair tour. They stated that fellow Chick and lead vocalist, Natalie Maines, was not quite ready to return to the recording studio to record their fifth album but the sisters were itching to perform once again. They decided to record some of the songs that Emily had been writing on her own over the past few years during her divorce from husband Charlie Robison, and thus, the Court Yard Hounds were born.

The album features Emily on lead vocals while sister Martie provides harmonies and of course spices up the tracks with her amazing fiddle playing. Robison's voice is a bit reminiscent of one of their mentors, Sheryl Crow, and the album is a stunning achievement for their first time out the gate.

The track listing for the album is,

1) Skyline
2) The Coast
3) Delight (Something New Under The Sun)
4) See You In The Spring
5) Ain't No Son
6) Fairytale
7) I Miss You
8) Gracefully
9) April's Love
10) Then Again
11) It Didn't Make A Sound
12) Fear Of Wasted Time

I-tunes Deluxe Edition Bonus Songs

13) Well Behaved
14) Straw Cage

Watch the interview and performance of their first single above and go purchase their self-titled debut album now if you like what you hear.

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