Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sex And The City: The Movie Poster

The Sex And The City movie release draws ever closer and I for one cannot wait. With all of the pictures and rumours from the shoot circling around the Internet (Sarah Jessica in a God-awful wedding dress, Kristen Davis is a pregnancy suit, Kim Cattrall in LA) it's hard to tell false from true and what exactly the plot entails. But it has been confirmed by the brilliant Michael Patrick King that all of your favorite characters are returning, including all the men you know and love, Magda, the original baby who played Miranda's son Brady (who is now four), Bitsy von Muffling, and Oscar-Winner Jennifer Hudson adds to the ensemble as Carrie's assistant Louise. All I really know about the film is that it is in real time (meaning that four years have past in the lives of the Girls), Carrie is an established writer on her 2nd or 3rd book by now, and Samantha spends her time between New York and LA because of her job.

The Movie is set for a May 30th release, and I will be adding many video's, including the teaser trailer in the next little bit.

Will you get Carried away?

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