Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Emmy Rossum: Slow Me Down Video

I've got to do something now to make myself feel better after that last post so I've decided to add this video.

My brother recently returned from his trip to New York and while he was there he picked up Emmy Rossum's debut album "Inside Out" for me. It is such a beautifully written piece of work and I am simply "over the moon" in love with it. Many of you will no doubt recognize Emmy from her role as Christine Daae in Joel Schumacher's recent film adaptaion of The Phantom Of The Opera, well most people were expecting the young starlett to release a more classical sounding record, but what she delivered is an amazing mix of pop and ambient sounds that make it a cross between the poppier sound of Sarah Brightman (think the song Eden) and Imogen Heap. I highly suggest picking it up and giving a listen.

Plus she's gorgeous...which is important.

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