Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lisa Loeb: The Purple Tape

Long before the reality shows and Grammy award winning albums, Lisa Loeb was the first unsigned artist with a number 1 song on the Billboard charts thanks to her friend Ethan Hawke and the film Reality Bites. This still unbroken record led Lisa to a collection of tour dates around the US before the release of a studio backed album, but she wanted to give something to the group of fans who came to her shows. This decision led to the creation and distribution of a violet-hued cassette tape now infamously referred to as (appropriately enough) The Purple Tape, a collection of demo songs she would use and present to industry bigwigs hoping to score a record deal. This album is considered a rare gem to Lisa fans.

Now Lisa is officially releasing the album as a 2-disc collection for all of her fans to enjoy. The first disc contains the 10 original songs from the cassette remastered, many of them demo versions of songs she would go on to release on her future albums and others that have yet to be released. The second disc includes an exclusive new interview with Lisa and acoustic versions of the songs Stay (I Missed You) and Snow Day.

The ten songs on disc one are,

1) Snow Day
2) Train Song
3) Hurricane
4) Come Back Home
5) It's Over
6) This
7) Days Were Different
8) Guessing Game
9) Do You Sleep?
10) Airplanes

The Purple Tape will be available in stores next Tuesday January 22nd. On top of that Lisa also has a small EP record out for digital download called "Cherries" which contains 6 of Lisa's most requested (but hardest to find) bonus tracks from throughout her career, including...

1) Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries
2) Sandalwood (Full Band Version) (which I have so it can't be that hard to find)
3) Look Me In The Eye
4) Birds (which I also have)
5) Eno Ambient # 5
6) Dance With The Angels (Live)

And as if that weren't enough Lisa will be releasing her second children's music album "Camp Lisa" (which follows the success of her first "Catch The Moon") as well as a new studio album later this year.

Watch Lisa on the Conan O'Brien Show tomorrow night on NBC.

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