Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rest In Peace Heath Ledger

Dude, what the hell is going on? Two great young actors in a week have passed away. Just as I was getting over the loss of Brad Renfro, Australian actor Heath Ledger, star of such movies as A Knights Tale, Brokeback Mountain, Candy, and Monster's Ball, was found dead in his apartment in New York this afternoon at the age of 28. Although I was never a big fan of his more famous works (A Knights Tale and Brokeback), He was a stunningly good actor who chose really great roles for himself. Please see the movie Candy if you can, it's brilliant and I was also looking forward to seeing him as The Joker in the new Batman prequel "Dark Knight". Plus he can currently be seen in the film "I'm Not There" which has just earned co-star Cate Blanchett an Oscar nomination today.

Heath split from his partner Michelle Williams last year and had spent most of his time living in New York. The couple has a 2 year old daughter, Matilda which makes this news all the more upsetting. No news has been released about the cause of death yet but speculation has been that he was found face down and naked with a bottle of prescription sleeping pills nearby by a massage therapist he had booked to come to his apartment. Heath had reportedly told the New York Times in November that he "stressed out a little too much" during the filming of I'm Not There, and he had been having trouble sleeping and was sometimes relying on sleeping aids to relax himself during the shooting of Dark Knight. Is this just another casualty of overdose?

Rest In Peace Heath. You'll Be Missed.

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