Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Idina Menzel: I Stand

Not long to go now. Idina Menzel's new album "I Stand" (her first with the Warner Bros. label) will be available in stores on January 29th. I personally can't wait and each and every video blog added to her official site is just getting me more and more excited. I've heard three of the songs from the album already and if they are any indication of the rest of the album, it is going to be incredible.

I just stopped by to find out the full track listing for the record and here it is...

1) I Stand
2) Better To Have Loved
3) Brave
4) Gorgeous
5) Where Do I Begin?
6) Don't Let Me Down
7) I Feel Everything
8) Forever
9) Enemy
10) Perfume and Promises

Wikipedia is also reporting that an acoustic version of Brave and the reworked version of Defying Gravity that she released as a single last spring will be featured as bonus songs. The album was completely produced and co-written (except for one song) by Glen Ballard. I haven't heard any word on a music video being released for the first single "Brave" which makes me wonder if there is going to be one. Fingers crossed, you'd think she'd want to do some kind of promotion. Pretty album cover though, huh?

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