Friday, November 10, 2006

You Smell Lovely, Darling!

Kylie Minogue has really been making up for lost time the past few months. Releasing her first children's book, working on material for a new album, rehearsing for her Showgirl Homecoming Tour, and now she has ventured (like so many celebrities before her) into the fragrance industry. She very recently released her first fragrance called "Darling" or "Darl" as it might be called in her native Australia (she admits the Aussies won't be able to resist shortening the word). When asked to comment on the name Kylie stated,

"It's such a warm word. I use it with my friends, my mother uses it with me, and it's a little bit showbiz."

That it is. She has confessed to receiving help from her longtime boyfriend Olivier Martinez in helping to design the perfume. If it makes a man like that happy, I'll buy a gallon of it.

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