Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Spears Split

Evidently, Britney Spears is not as retarded as we made her out to be, the showgirl who recently showed off her newly svelte figure and new "Madonna Jump video-esque" hairstyle on David Letterman, has finally filed for divorce from Boozey The Clown. She has asked for custody of their two children Sean and Jayden, and will most likely be granted it considering Kevin's musical attempts were beaten by Barry Manilow on the charts. The fucking Jingle Cats could beat him in the charts for God sake. Didn't you learn anything from Eminem? The only way to be successful as a white rapper from Kentucky is to make fun of celebrities, or sing about raping your mother.

Even though this marriage didn't last nearly as long as Whitney & Bobby, it may as well have been 20 years given how utterly annoying they were (and there were no drugs involved, as far as we know, which is the only reason Whitney and Bobby lasted as long as they did, they were too stoned to know that they were still married). Get back to stripping on stage and masturbating with Madonna, Brit. I miss those days.
Update: Kevin Federline's album debuted at # 151 on the Billboard Charts. Talk about having a bad week.

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