Monday, November 06, 2006

Yah, This Was A Surprise!

I've been quite busy lately, not alot of time to add to my site, but I do have a few stories to cover, and hopefully I will be all caught up before anything else stupid or exciting happens in this twisted little world of ours. The first order of business is this silly Neil Patrick Harris story. Apparently some Canadian website made references to Doogie being a homo, and then he denied it, then confirmed it. Ummmm, didn't he come out in 1996 or am I just on glue? I had a deja vu moment when I read this story.
I have a problem with these websites doing countless stories about a person's sexuality until it forces them to break their "silence", it makes me feel a little bit sorry for them, and to be honest a little uncomfortable. It's like constantly being called a fag as you walk through the halls of your highschool. If a person doesn't want to be vocal about their sexuality, then leave them be.

Good for you anyways Neil. You finally got yourself back on tv.

PS. I'm well aware of the ironies of posting this on a blog for everybody in the world to read, so don't even bother pointing that out.

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