Friday, November 10, 2006

Not Ready To Make Nice...Thank God

If you love Country Music, Sassy girls from Texas, or anyone who hates (and will stand up to) President Bush and his supporters (particularly the ultra conservative types), then please go see the Dixie Chicks Documentary "Shut Up And Sing".

Natalie, Emily, and Martie take us withing the walls of their sisterhood for the three years that proceeded them in the wake of Natalie's now infamous statement to a London concert audience. Through the backlashes, death threats, boycotts, and public outcry for the three liberal chicks to keep their opinions to themselves, the girls take charge, reshaping and rebuilding their career without a hint of remorse, and I say Good For Them.

Personally, when I saw all the footage of what their so-called "fans" were saying about them after the comment, I really was gobsmacked. I could not believe that people living in a country as free and as frivolous as America, could be so angry at a performer for saying something as tame as "We're ashamed the President is from Texas". From being branded the Dixie Sluts to mothers trying to coax their 4 year old kids into saying "Screw the Dixie Chicks", to my favorite quote in the entire film " You can have freedom of speech all you want, but you don't say it on foreign soil, and you don't say it in a public gathering of that size." it really put into perspective how hypocritical and stupid people really are. I'm ashamed that George W. Bush is even from the same planet as me. I hope I don't get death threats now.

Aside from the controversy, the chicks also invite us into their homes, the recording studio, backstage, and even into the hospital room both before and after Emily gives birth to her twins, showing off their incredible (undeniable) talent, their amazingly sharp sense of humour, and their true devotion to each other. Natalie is by far the quickest on her feet when it comes to responses to controversy's and stratagizing new moves to keeping the group on top of the game.

When Toby Keith starts picking on the girls, referring to them in a song, and showing pictures of Natalie and Saddam Hussein photo shopped together, she decides to adorn a t-shirt with rhinestones spelling "F. U. T. K", which she covers up as standing for "Friends United Together for Kindness".

Enough rambling about how great this movie is, if you're not already purchasing tickets to go see it, I'm wasting my breath.

5 out of 5 stars.

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