Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Holidays Are Officially Upon Us

As some of my friends know, the Christmas season doesn't start for me until after I have watched the Santa Claus Parade on television. Up until that point I am unable to listen to Christmas music, think about Christmas shopping, or even fathom that the holiday is even approaching. Well, today is the day that the holiday season begins. Now, I know that watching it on TV with the cheesy jokes from the meteorologist and the news broadcaster from Global News, can be sort of annoying for some (I even find myself saying shut up to the TV every once in awhile), but it sets up my mood for the entire season (ie. brings back a little of that childhood wonderment and fun), and so it has become a tradition of mine to watch the entire parade and then start listening to some of my Christmas Cd's.

Always first on my list is Star Bright by Vanessa Williams, I just find that to be one of the finest albums in my collection, and this year I have Bette Midler's Christmas album to look forward to. Truth be told, I will be taping the Parade this year and watching it later tonight due to a busy rehearsal schedule for my musical theatre class and my play I am preparing for, but even if I have to stay up until midnight I will be watching today. Tradition is a tricky thing, isn't it?

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