Sunday, November 05, 2006

Studio 1

The new All Saints album, Studio 1 comes out November 16th. The official tracklisting has been listed on as follows.

1) Rock Steady

2) Chick Fit

3) On And On

4) Scar

5) Not Eazy

6) Hell No

7) One Me And U

8) Headlock

9) Too Nasty

10) In It To Win It

11) Flashback

12) Fundamental

The girls were recently on the Brit chatshow Saturday Night Takeaway performing the hot lead single Rock Steady, and they looked like they are having a great time together again. The girls friendship fizzled in 2001 during promotion of their sophomore album Saints & Sinners. They attribute their falling out to a barage of small problems that built up, mixed with lack of communication and resolution. The Appleton sisters even spoke poorly of Shaznay and Melanie in their book "Together". In a recent interview they've stated "We've all spent our time as the naughty children on the stair....and we've thought about what we've done", "We've grown, and we realize that our friendship is more important than the business aspect of things".

If the first single is any indication of things to come, it should be a fantastic comeback project.

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