Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Sweet Escape: Album Cover

I'm loving the album cover for Gwen Stefani's new album The Sweet Escape. It looks very Jem and the Holograms (meaning girly and cartoony). The sad thing is, I hate, Hate, HATE the first single "Wind It Up". I'm really getting sick of these stupid white women rap attempts, it was annoying enough on Hollaback Girl from her last album, she even inspired the once Taylor Dayne voiced Stacey Ferguson (Fergie), to make a living out of singing like this. It just sounds like Mickey Mouse Club acting placed over music. Plus, the fucking sample of the Sound Of Music song "Lonely Goatherd", is as stupid an idea as putting a knife in a toaster.

Sidenote: Fergie Ferg. Stop acting like a raunchy thug bitch, you were on Kids Inc. and you were in a cheesy 90's girl group for God sake. (Nothing against Wild Orchid, I did buy two of their albums lol).

Gwen's album comes out December 5th. Just in time for Christmas, I'm sure that wasn't planned ;)

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