Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Worst Nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!

Prepare for fire to rain down from the heavens people, as I have just been informed that Halle Berry is releasing an album in the New Year.

I'm frightened Aunty Em, I'm Frightened.

The (so far rumoured) 13 track album from EZ Records is to be released on February 6, 2007. The track listing is as follows.

1) Miss Sexy (God help me it's bad)
2) No Problem
3) Sunshine
4) How You Been? feat. Jamie Foxx (Quickly getting worse)
5) Like That
6) Around
7) Lazy (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
8) Your Love Is Always Good
9) Not Today (I'm Not In The Mood)
10) Write Me
11) Love & Emotions
12) Singing To You
13) Go Left (feat. Bun B. and Timbaland)

Of course I'm not saying that actresses should not be singers as well (some are actually able to pull it off), but the thing is....she'll be everywhere if she is successful, and I can barely put up with her presence in the spotlight as it is. You've made one good film in your career Halle, don't press your luck with me.

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