Tuesday, December 12, 2006

These Precious Things!

I've just been reading a few insider tidbits and recent quotes from Tori Amos about her next studio album and it sounds like it is going to be the complete polar opposite to her last release, 2005's The Beekeeper. Where that album reflected a soft and nurturing side of her persona, Tori has stated that she is now indeed ready to rock on her new project.

"I think that this new work - it's too early to say - but this is a very different chapter. Certainly, since I've been a mother. You haven't really felt this Tori in awhile...I didn't want (Tash) looking and hearing me and thinking, "Oh my God, that's a scary lady!" There are enough scary rock & roll mothers in the world. I'm able to explain now that the woman who comes and reads bedtime stories and hangs out with her is different from the woman who walks behind that piano. I think this is the first time she's able to differentiate that. Now that there's that buffer, there are things in the world it's time to confront. There is an energy that you carry when you're nurturing another life where you're protecting first -- and once you know that cub is out of the way of the hunter's gun, you can be a little more daring." ~Rolling Stone March 30, 2006

It has been confirmed that she is once again working with the sounds of the harpsichord (which she hasn't really used since Boys For Pele), as well as the piano and the Wurlitzer. In other interviews and quotes she has also spoken of a warrior woman who wants to represent herself on this new record.

I can't wait to hear what she comes out with. She is shooting for an April 2007 release. Until then, her box set collection "A Piano", which covers her past 15 years in the music spotlight is available now.

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