Friday, October 20, 2006

NBC Doesn't Live To Tell!

I could not be more upset. NBC has decided not to show Madonna mounted on the mirrored cross donning a crown of thorns during the Live To Tell portion of the Confession's Tour telecast on November 20th. Christian groups in America threatened to boycott one of the major sponsors of the telecast, and so NBC has decided that they will not cut the song from the showing but just edit it so you can only see her from certain angles not including the cross or the crown.

Why bother? We know it's there. It's not blasphemous, and if Christians have a problem with it then hey, here's a thought, don't fuckin' watch it. I'd rather they just cut the song altogether, because that is bullshit.

And as far as the Madonna adoption goes, I find it hysterical that.....

1) it was splashed all over the front page of the Toronto Star newspaper

2) it has been deemed a global controversy

3) People seem to have a problem with the star adopting a one year old from Malawi

Let's break it down shall we? She adopted an orphaned boy from an extremely disadvantaged background and has moved him to live in luxury with her and her loving family. God, the members of the media and of the Malawian adoption services are right, she's a horrible horrible person. The fact that moving the boy so early from his village might be illegal, is ridiculous to me. There is no doubt that Madonna can provide a good life for the kid (Hello!?!), and there are worse crimes to commit, don't you think?

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