Friday, October 13, 2006

Candi And The Backbeat - The World Just Keeps On Turning

Candi and the Backbeat - The World Just Keeps on Turning

Lol. This is just the sort of stupid thing I would do. I decided to look up videos for Candi and the Backbeat on youtube, thinking that nothing would come up, but surprisingly somebody posted their video for "The World Just Keeps On Turning". I decided to post it 1) for the memory value, 2) because it's a campy 1990 classic, and 3) because Candi was the first official artist I saw live in concert back when I was 8 (though I count Paula Abdul as my first concert, just because it was at a bigtime venue and Candi was at a small circle in the round venue at Ontario Place). Anyway, enjoy the nostalgia if you ever listened to this group. Let's see if I can find anything by Lisa Lougheed or The Party lol.

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