Thursday, October 19, 2006

Helena Bonham-Carter Plays Lovett

When I heard the following news report, I lost all hope and faith that the Sweeney Todd movie will be a brilliant extravaganza, like no other film imaginable (Yes, my standards are too wonder I'm single).

Helena Bonham-Carter will be filling the role of Mrs. Lovett in the Dream Works picture based on Stephen Sondheim's genius musical, opposite the irresistible Johnny Depp. Yah, can you see why I was bummed? Not that I hate Helena, but after hearing exciting rumors that Toni Collette was in the running, this announcement just seemed convenient for Burton who has casted his actress/girlfriend in three films in the last 4 years. The woman played an Ape for God sake. Oh well, I've never actually watched any of her films (besides The Corpse Bride, which was animated so I can't get a sense of her acting ability from that), hopefully she is super crazy enough to pull off the part and make me happy.

This news comes along with unsettling rumors that Sacha Baron Cohen (Best known as Ali G.) is being considered for the part of rival barber Signor Pirelli. He completely looks the part, but I hate that Ali G. character so much that he will have to work twice as hard for me to see past that part of his personality.

*closing my eyes* Please be Good! Please Be Good!

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