Friday, October 13, 2006

Picture Perfect, But Otherwise....

Wentworth Miller seems to be one of those celebrities that I find absolutely gorgeous when I see them in photographs, but when I seem them acting or in interviews, I don't find them nearly as attractive. I don't really watch Prison Break (which is a shame some people have told me) but whenever I do sneak a glance at the show, he's nowhere near as good looking as these pictures make him out to be. I think his two problem areas are the moving and the talking, without that he's golden.

People have told me he's not supposed to look this good on the show, he's an escaped convict. I say to them, That's No Excuse! Look at Christopher Meloni during his OZ years.....fuckin' hot. So cut the cliche prison bullshit. Murderer's and thieves can be goodlooking. Right Big Boy Caprice? *that's right boss*

I just read this post back to myself and ....I smiled. I like ranting about nonsense. Anywho, enjoy the nice pictures.

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