Friday, August 10, 2007

The Party - Coulda Shoulda Woulda (How Bouncy)

Wow, Flashback. For those of you who don't remember The Party, they were a pop group formed by the Disney Channel in the early 90's consisting of five members from The New Mickey Mouse Club. Before there was Britney, Justin and Christina, there were DeeDee, Albert, Damon, Tiffini, and Chase. The group released 4 albums in their time, having only know any degree of success with the first two. This is my favorite song of their's in which DeeDee is on lead vocals. DeeDee Magno went on to star as Kim in Miss Saigon on Broadway for more than six years, is currently playing Nessarose in the traveling production of Wicked with her husband Cliffton Hall in the role of Fiyero and is reportedly working on her first solo album. Damon (the one with the black curly asymetrical hair)went on to work in real estate, and is currently working on a website called Street Network TV, a Myspace inspired site for artists to display their talents. Albert Fields released a solo album under the name Jeune and continues to record and perform on the indie circuit. Chase Hampton (the red head) continues to perform with a band called Buzzfly, and Tiffini Hale (the girl with the hat, she was known for her hats) has completely disappeared off the face of the earth. Nostalgia = Good Times.

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